Winter wonder: 4 ways to keep your doggo active in the chilly months

Winter wonder: 4 ways to keep your doggo active in the chilly months

If your dog is anything like millions of other dogs around the world, there is a good chance it isn’t too fond of winter. Winter in Australia can be uber chilly, and it’s no secret that dogs typically prefer the warmer months, when they can get out in the sun, down to the park or the beach for some serious exercise.

But this can’t always be the case in winter, when things get crazy cold and the frost is off putting for little doggies. Therefore, it’s important to keep them as active as possible even if they can’t always be outside.

You already provide them with the best food, you give them plenty of cuddles and took the time to compare dog insurance to get the best option for them – it’s time to find out how to keep them active and healthy in the frightful months of the year:

  1. Hide dog treats around the house

You don’t really want your dog to become too accustomed to lying around in the winter months. This is, unfortunately, a surefire way to see them stack on kilos, which can be very unhealthy for your dog as well as hard to shed.

But you can keep them moving around the house, and one of the best ways to do so is through a cheeky game of “hide the treat”. We all know that dogs have super-powered noses, and nothing excites them more than sniffing out a good treat, so one way to keep them moving around the house is by hiding a few dog treats in accessible places but hidden enough for them to have used their noses to find them!

2. Doggy play dates

If your dog is one that absolutely loves meeting other dogs – or it already has a good friend that happens to be your friend’s dog – then what better way to keep their body and minds active in winter than having that friend and their pooch over for a doggy playdate?

Of course, you might want to set up a designated playpen for the dogs, as we all know how dogs can get pretty rambunctious in smaller spaces, but this could be a great way for them to have a play, a wrestle, a run etc. when they don’t necessarily want to go outside!

3. Tug of war

Dogs love tug of war – they love it so much more than us people did when we were kids, and this is because it helps exercise their predatory nature, as well as providing a stimulating and fun bonding game with their owner.

Whether it’s an old sock or a super cool toy you’ve bought from the pet shop, tug of war is a great way to have fun with your dog when you’re both stuck inside on those cold Aussie winter days.

What’s more, dogs always seem to truly appreciate when their owner has taken time to play this game with them – especially one they love so much!

4. Get them outside when you can!

Of course, Aussie winters have their good days, so if there is a warm glow in the air and it’s not so frightful outside why not take them out for their much-needed walk?

They may not want to go outside all the time, but they will certainly appreciate going for a walk on a sunny winter’s day, and walking is always important for their health and wellbeing!

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