Why More People Are Investing Money In Outdoor Faucet Cover

Why More People Are Investing Money In Outdoor Faucet Cover

It is quite true that more people are investing money these days to cover the outdoor faucet. Yes, it is also true that faucet covers might not be the most attractive garden accessory, but they do serve various functions. Even though the main reason to install these covers is to reduce likelihood of frozen pipes during long freeze, but even people in some mild winter areas can make use of these items.

Before you proceed any further and get yourself one such faucet cover, be prepared to learn the reasons behind it. You are about to invest some money on these faucets. So, it is better to learn the reasons why.

Perfect way to protect your pipes:

Maybe the area where you live in does not experience some long freezes, but any area can get hit by unexpected cold weather. It won’t take long for any snap of ice temperature to freeze the water inside your indoor pipes or spigot.

  • When the water freezes up, it will start to expand, resulting in cracks within your plumbing lines.
  • Even though spigots are pretty hard to replace, a broken pipe and water damage means one expensive clean-up and repairing job!
  • But, on the other hand, spending some time to insulate the outdoor faucet with a Styrofoam cover will prevent all the problems as mentioned above.

Some cold weather tips to follow:

It is true that you need to invest some money on the outdoor faucet cover. You can do that anytime. But, it is also necessary to focus on some of the cold weather tips before the freezing weather hits you hard. Checking out those preventive measures will actually ensure you with a better plumbing line.

  • Make sure to wrap up all the exposed pipes outside or in unheated spots of the home. Styrofoam covers might work out brilliantly for that.
  • Make sure to remove the garden hose from outside faucets. Insulating the faucets with rags, or paper might not be a good option when you have Styrofoam covers to handle the case with ease.
  • Apart from that, you have to cover the vents around your foundation as well.
  • Be sure of the area where the property’s cut-off valve is located. Know how to use it. Apply oil to these valves before operating just to prevent it from breaking. The valve is mainly located adjacent to water meter box.

Use the covers to prevent drafts:

Cold winter winds will find their ways into the hole or crack in your home. These openings are not good and will allow the inside heat to escape. As outdoor faucets extend from garages or crawlspace, most homeowners fail to check them while trying to locate drafts source. For controlling such chilly drafts and save money on the heating bills, you can cover the openings with the cover.

Now you know why more people are buying faucet covers, especially for the outdoor ones. Waste no time further and get one for your use as well.

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