Why Is Diwali The Most Amazing Festival In India?

Why Is Diwali The Most Amazing Festival In India?

It’s the time of year again. Happy and bright! A time for celebration, color, and joy. Holiday season. Just as Christmas is expected all year round in the west, Diwali has a very special place in Indian culture. Diwali is a very special occasion in our life, it is truly extraordinary. In India, Diwali is one of the celebrations that symbolize happiness, positivity, and joy, breaking down all barriers of caste, religion, or belief and uniting all people.

It is a 5 day holiday which also marks the end of India’s harvest season and the beginning of winter. And India, a country rich in agriculture, worships Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity after the end of the summer season, and asks for blessings for a prosperous new business year. The Festival of Lights is probably the biggest religious festival in India when everyone is looking to buy magnificent lanterns, candles, and Diwali lights for home.

But hey, Diwali is more than just crackers and lights. Whether you have been struck by the thought or not, Diwali is loved for many other reasons. And here are some reasons why we are all waiting for Diwali to come soon:

Holiday Season

Everyone is waiting for the holidays. And Diwali comes as an official mini holiday when you have the best time with everyone. What better relaxation could everyone want in life?

Bright Lights Everywhere

This is a festival of light. From houses to streets, every nook and corner is lit with candles, lamps, and diyas, and their beauty reaches a whole new level.

Lord Rama’s Victory

Lord Rama’s victory is one of the reasons Diwali is celebrated. According to the Ramayana, Lord Rama won Lanka and returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of the new moon with the goddess Sita.

A Lot Of Foods To Eat

Like any Indian feast, this is definitely one of the most important and desirable parts of the celebration. People start cooking a few days before. Whether it’s sweets like Gulab Jamun, Kalakand, Ras Malai, or Laddu, or delicacies like Matri, Samosa, or Dahi Vade, you are sure to see it in Indian Diwali cuisine. Although it is not limited to that, most Indian families consider food dishes to be completely vegetarian, as it is not a common sight in Hindu cuisine on puja days. Paneer, Biryani, Poori, Pakoras, and Chole are some of the most common dishes prepared on this auspicious occasion.


The Lots of Sale time comes when everything becomes a half-rate. This is a time where you can “spend” as much as you want without feeling guilty. Whether it’s a bag of clothes, gold or expensive gadgets, you can shop with heart.


Diwali is a time when we plan a Diwali gift for your loving kids, father, mother, husband, wife, and all other special people. Diwali gifts or envelopes always come to us to conjure up this great atmosphere.

Everything That Was Lost Has Been Found

The mandatory house cleaning before Diwali will help you find everything you’ve ever lost from the most unexpected angles. So next time you lose something, wait for this Diwali cleaning to bring it back.

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