Why Fleece is Essential for Outdoor Activities

Why Fleece is Essential for Outdoor Activities

Fleece clothing is some of the most popular types of clothing, especially when it is that cold time of the month. Innovations in fleece jackets and other fleece clothing have played a significant role in the clothing industry. It is essential in almost everyone’s wardrobe to have fleece clothing items no matter where you are in the United States or the rest of the world. 

It may now be impossible to find outdoor clothing made from cotton since it is not an ideal garment to give you the protection you need. Fleece is used instead whenever you want to go to those multi-party backpack trips. So, why is fleece so unique and the most recommended outdoor clothing when it is cold?


The fleece properties make it ideal to use in making outdoor clothes to keep you warm and cozy. It has insulating processes even if it gets wet. Together with the insulating properties, fleece clothing also dries fast. It is possible for fleece clothing to dry if it is moderately damp, even when wearing it. So, if you have that favorite fleece jacket that you want to wear and it’s not dried yet, pick it up, wear it and let it dry as you go to see your favorite person.

Fleece jackets are common, but did you know there are also fleece shirts? These are also perfect for day hikes and trips when the weather is cool enough for you to be outside. 

Friendly Cleaning Process

Apart from the comfort and warmth that fleece clothing gives you, it is also a straightforward cloth to clean. Since most of the time you spend outside venturing into the backcountry, the chances are that you will get your clothes dirty. To avoid the stress of doing heavy laundry later, wearing fleece clothing will give you an easier time to clean if you end up making it dirty. Even simple cleaning, like rubbing the dirty parts with a wet cloth can remove dirt and even smelly stains.


When mentioning durability in clothes, fleece clothing always seems to top the list. Compared to cotton clothing, fleece clothes are ten times more durable, making them ideal for use in the wild while exploring. As long as you take care of it, it lasts for a very long time. 

Shopping Considerations

There are a couple of aspects you should consider when shopping for fleece. The available features and options for fleece clothing will determine precisely what you need to buy. Here are some things to consider next time you are buying fleece clothes from the store:

Fleece Jackets 

When buying fleece jackets, it would help first to check the zipper. The zip should zip up comfortably around your neck; otherwise, you will get a lot of discomfort when trying to shield yourself from the cold. 

It is common to zip-up your zip fleece jacket to the top, and it would not help if when you do this, you can barely breathe, making you open up and let in cold air inside the jacket. When the temperatures are a bit warm, the zips can be partially or fully unzipped. So, the zips should be very easy to zip up and zip down if the weather keeps on changing fast.

Fleece Shirts

For recommendations on fleece shirts, consider buying different ones, one thick and one thin. The thick fleece shirt should fit you well and zip-up comfortably along your torso and neck. The lighter fleece jacket should have a low open neck so that you can use it in warmer weather conditions when outside. Reserve the thick fleece shirt for when it gets cold during the day and nighttime too.

Hood Fleece

As a camping outfit, you can also consider using fleece jackets that have a hood. The hood can be detachable, and so you can always opt to remove it when you want. Having a hood also protects your head from the cold, so you can continue enjoying outdoor activities with your hiking outfit. 

Quarter-zip Fleece

A quarter fleece is also an excellent option to add to your wardrobe. If you don’t like zipping up to the neck but still get the comfort mens 1/4 zip fleece pullover would be perfect for you.


For any trip with uncertain weather conditions, you should always try and throw a couple of fleece clothing in your suitcase to be on the safe side if you need to change to something warmer and still stay comfortable during your outdoor expeditions. 

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