Why Do Korean People Prefer Free Sports Broadcasting Platforms in Korea?

Why Do Korean People Prefer Free Sports Broadcasting Platforms in Korea?

People always argue about the superior medium for sports broadcasting, live TV or online streaming. But regardless of which one you prefer, it’s hard to ignore that much of their popularity comes from free broadcast platforms. Unfortunately, in Korea, almost no television stations offer a pay-per-view model or even charge viewers extremely high fees for access to sporting events.

They all have their own apps and over streaming platforms instead. Due to this, Korea has become a hub for broadcasting platforms globally. This is supposed to be the major reason why Koreans prefer using free sports broadcasting platforms. Let’s have detail on other reasons.

Guaranteed audience

In an offline environment, broadcasters must fill a stadium or stadium-sized TV screen through advertising or sponsorship. Paying for the recording of sports can easily bankrupt any television station, especially when they have to pay the broadcasting rights fee on top of that.

But in this case, they don’t have to pay anything because they broadcast over the internet. This is why Koreans prefer using free live-streaming platforms instead of the TV broadcast. They don’t need to worry about commercialism and can present their programs as they wish.

Broadcasting rights

Broadcasting rights are one of the most expensive parts of스포츠중계. According to online data, broadcasting rights for major football leagues and competitions cost between 100 million to 1 billion US dollars. For example, some American TV stations spent $4 billion on broadcasting rights for soccer matches in 2012.

However, these costs don’t apply to Korean streaming platforms because they have their own mobile apps. So, in this case, there is no need to pay the broadcasting rights fee and other high costs for sports events that can bankrupt a television station.

The number of viewers

Even in their home country, Korean streaming platforms have a huge viewership. According to KDA (Korea digital advertising association) statistics, the number of people who watched sports broadcasting online was 13.8 million in 2015, which was almost 30% of the total viewership for the year. In other words, around half of Koreans prefer watching sports and other programs online through streaming platforms rather than TV or any other broadcasting medium.

Free access anywhere, anytime

Free apps on mobile devices allow anyone to watch any sporting event worldwide, regardless of time or location. Unlike TV broadcasting which can only be viewed in a specific place and time, streaming apps don’t have any restrictions. Another positive point is that you don’t have to spend much money because there are almost no commercial advertisements or sponsorships in online sports broadcasts.

So, in this case, you can enjoy watching live sports on your mobile devices for free and watch almost every major event worldwide. It means you don’t need to subscribe to a cable or satellite television service or watch the game of your favorite team or athlete on a computer screen. You can do all this by installing free broadcasting apps on your mobile device.

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