Where to get the pure saffron powder

Where to get the pure saffron powder

The Persian lands are popular for producing the most valuable substance, “Saffron”. Kharasan province, in the northwest of Iran is known to yield about 230 tones of dry Saffron every year. World’s 90% saffron is generated by Iran therefore Irani Saffron is preferred as most valuable and pure Saffron. The purple Crocus Sativus flower grows in the region of Iran and opens just for one week in a year. Each flower opening contains three crimson threads and the experts extract saffron from it. Blooming only for a week in a year is a reason that Saffron is the most valuable substance known in the world. Another reason of its value is that a lot of labor is involved in its extraction.

Uses of Saffron

Saffron is the essential part of Persian kitchen because they use it in many dishes for taste and odor. Besides cooking, there are many other benefits of Saffron, including:

  • Giving color
  • For delicious odor in foods
  • Adding taste to tea
  • Some mystics also use saffron for spiritual purposes

Due to high demand and value in cooking, especially in the region of Asia, (specifically Iran, India, Pakistan), Saffron is considered as the most expensive and valuable spice.

Where to get

The company Saffron and More provides 100% pure saffron powder extracted from the Persian gardens. So, get the 100% pure saffron for color and quality in your everyday meals. You can use this Saffron powder in Baking, cooking, and beverages to get the real taste. The dark color and potent smell of the powder reveals its purity.

So, just order the best and pure saffron powder from Persian blooms and spice up your meals with color and taste. You can order in bulk as well as according to your needs. Just go to the Site Saffron and More and select the favorite Saffron powder. Add it to your cart but select the quantity before.

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