Where to Find a Book Recommendation

Where to Find a Book Recommendation

Book mentions is where people find their book recommendations and buy their favorite books. Our team of curators creates personalized recommendations for like-minded readers. Send your friends a personalized book recommendation from a real person.

Booknerdection.com is the place to find a book recommendation based on your reading tastes. We’ve got reviews and ratings from trusted sources all about books with titles grouped by genre, author, publisher, and publication year. If you have questions or comments about a particular book title, we can help you find your next title in an organized way.

If you want a recommendation for a new book, there are many resources to help you find it. Some of these resources include Booknerdection.com, Goodreads, and ThriftBooks. If you are looking for a specific genre or author, these are great places to find books.


Goodreads allows users to recommend books to friends. Users can do this manually, enter a personalized message, or have it automatically recommend a book to friends. This option can be helpful for users who want to share a specific book with a large group of people.

The recommendation engine is powered by 20 billion data points from the Goodreads community. It analyzes the connections between books to come up with a customized recommendation for a book you’ll enjoy. The algorithm learns from the reading habits of Goodreads users and the books they add to their shelves.


Our site is helpful for anyone interested in finding a book recommendation. Whether you’re looking for a book recommendation for yourself or to send to someone else, you’ve come to the right place.We’ve created a community that is dedicated to sharing book recommendations, and making the process of finding new reads more pleasurable.

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