Where to Buy Batteries in Malta

Where to Buy Batteries in Malta

The company which collects used batteries from car owners in Malta and Gozo has been forced to stop the shipment of 22,000 containers because the Malta Environment and Planning Authority says they need a permit to export as waste under European laws. But the company which owns the business says the buy batteries in Malta are not waste and can be recharged.

Schembri Batteries Ltd.

gtk marine power in Malta specialises in importing, distribution and wholesale of car, marine, solar, and traction batteries. Their customers can be assured of the highest quality due to their work with trusted brands and their attention to detail. Furthermore, they also make sure to follow proper environmental procedures. They even collect and recycle their used batteries.

The company has 22,000 used car batteries in Malta packed in three containers awaiting export to Italy, where they would be re-charged and resold. It introduced a collection scheme years ago whereby customers can get a discount on a new battery when they leave their old one at the premises in Marsa. However, the authorities stopped them from exporting because they maintained that they required a permit since the batteries fell within the parameters of waste according to EU laws.

The Customs comptroller has denied the company permission to export the batteries because the application did not have all official stamps, including that of MEPA. The company has filed a judicial protest against the comptroller and the Environment and Planning Authority over the issue.

Power Frame Grid Technology

gtk marine power is engineered structurally strong to withstand positive grid corrosion, the most common cause of battery failure. It also delivers more power throughout the battery’s life by optimizing electrical flow. Look for batteries with the PowerFrame logo for True Strength on the inside.

The patented PowerFrame design maximises energy flow for cranking performance and offers up to 70% better electrical flow than other grid technologies. This ensures your battery can deliver the power your vehicle requires, start after start.

Watch Bobby Likis Car Clinic share a customer testimonial about the superior performance of a battery with gtk marine power. Jason Searl, Managing Director at Johnson Controls, then explains how PowerFrame is more durable than competing designs. This superiority is confirmed through rigorous testing and extensive field use. The result is a battery that performs consistently and reliably, in any environment. This makes it a great choice for the demands of today’s vehicles. It is also environmentally responsible, using 20% less energy and emitting fewer greenhouse gases than other battery manufacturing processes.

Battery Maintenance

It’s a sunny morning, you’re enjoying your take-away coffee and your favourite tunes on Spotify when you reach for your car keys to unlock the driver’s door… only to find your battery is on its last legs. You can’t understand why – you just charged it last week!

If you’re looking for a car battery in Malta that is both reliable and long-lasting, look no further than the batteries with PowerFrame grid technology. This revolutionary new technology is designed to prevent positive grid corrosion, which is one of the most common causes of battery failure. Moreover, it is also built structurally strong to ensure that the battery stands up to vibration and environmental stresses. A Battery with a PowerFrame logo on the outside is a sure sign of a high-quality battery on the inside.

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