What You Need to Know About Erectile Dysfunction And Diabetes

What You Need to Know About Erectile Dysfunction And Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic ailment. The imbalance in the production or consumption of the hormone Insulin in the body results in the illness of diabetes. Almost 1.7 million Australians are diabetic while approximately more than 460 million people in the world are affected by the disease.

Insulin is produced in Pancreas. This hormone is responsible for making the most effective use of sugary content and glucose which we enter in the body through eatables. Insulin helps the body in storing and breaking down the glucose. This eventually enters in the blood and boosts the energy levels of the consumer. When the Pancreas is unable to produce insulin, the person is said to be a type 1 diabetic while in case where the production is not effectively used it leads to a high level of glucose in the body, this leads to type 2 diabetes. Almost one hundred and twenty thousand people in Australia are type 1 diabetic while more than 1.3 million Australians are diagnosed with type-2 diabetes.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of the persisting sexual issues faced globally by men. According to estimation more than 300 million men worldwide have ED. It is the inability to achieve firmness in the penis long enough for penetration and a satisfied intercourse to occur. The probability of having ED in diabetes is almost 10% more than usual. While globally almost 50% of diabetic people suffer from ED!

The relation, symptoms and consequences of the two gradually become evident over the course of years. For erection to take place the penis requires increased blood flow in the delicate vessels in the penis. Along with an upright nervous system, responsible for widening the vessels and relaxing the adjacent muscles so that the blood flows through it.  Diabetes has the power to damage both these vital functions, as a result men find attaining and maintaining erection difficult.

Diabetes also decreases the testosterone levels in the body, these results in decreased desire for intimacy in men along with ED at the time of the intercourse. Psychologically the added pressure of; dealing with chronic disease like diabetes tends to stress up the person resulting in higher chances of ED.


The first treatment is to go to a doctor and get a complete checkup done. Next get the medications of diabetes, the number times required and the appropriate dosage. After the core issue is taken care of; ED should then be addressed


ED and Diabetes both ailments can be prevented and the impacts reduced by adopting organic and healthy lifestyle:

  • Consume healthy meals, comprising of vital compounds and enrichments required by the body.
  • Avoid artificial candies, sodas and other such processed items. The processed items should be interchanged with their healthier and natural counterparts.
  • Keep yourself physically active
  • Involve your body and mind in healthy activities and hobbies as this will keep the anxiety and stress away thus aiding in reducing the impacts of ED.


  • Diabetes can be kept within the defined range with the help of pills or by injecting insulin.
  • PDE-5 pills can be used on doctor’s prescription to overcome ED. These medicines include sildenafil, stendra, tadalafil and Vardenafil. These boost the natural process by improving Nitrate in the body and helping the muscles to relax along with broadening the vessels for improved blood flow.
  • Another cost effective Sildenafil is available in Australia. Kamagra is the name of the medicine mostly available in jelly form, though pills are also there. This Cialis Jelly Onlineworks just like its counterpart Viagra as they share the same ingredient.
  • Other methods of cure include using physical devices or putting implants through surgeries.

The aforementioned medicines are available in Australia including the Kamagra 100mg.OZ Meds Medical is an authentic online seller which delivers the original medicines throughout Australia.

A healthy lifestyle along with early detection and the use of medicines as per the doctor’s advice will help in fighting against both diabetes and ED.

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