What to Expect When Traveling to Morocco with Children

What to Expect When Traveling to Morocco with Children

Are you planning a trip to Morocco with your kids? Good news: you’re in for a treat! There are so many activities to do with kids in Morocco that you will never run out of ideas!

Moroccans adore children, and I believe that bringing your children along will make your trip much more enjoyable. This family-friendly culture will embrace you and your children, allowing you to participate in more enriching and thrilling activities than if you had left the kids at home.

For the past 15 years, I’ve either visited, stayed in the best places to stay in Morocco, or lived in Morocco with my children, and I’ve worked with infants through teenagers. This website contains all of the information I’ve provided in one location to help you with your research and planning.

Do you have any ideas about what to bring with you to Morocco for your children? This is something that will always be difficult. You don’t want to overpack, but you also don’t want to be short on essentials. Use this page as a tip for what to pack in your suitcase when visiting Morocco.

Is it ok to travel to Morocco with children?

Yes, that is feasible. Not only is it possible, but you might be surprised to learn that it will enrich your trip. Confused? Moroccans like children, and you’ll often be requested to participate in special activities or events with them. People also seem to go out of their way to assist parents with small children.

This country is wonderful for children of all ages, and we can’t forget about the older ones! We’ve got you covered if you’re worried about what to do while you’re traveling with older children. (Now that I’m a parent of two teenagers!)

Where to Take the Kids in Morocco

Playgrounds are somewhat few in Marrakech, although there are plenty of gardens to be found. Keep in mind that gardens are designed for walking on walks rather than playing in the grass. Guardians are frequently present to tell you not to walk on the grass.

Harti Jardin in Gueliz is a great place to take your kids for a walk or a scooter ride because there are so many different routes and there are typically so few people. Another area where you can go for a walk is Cyber Park. It is near the Kotoubia mosque.

People frequently inquire about where they may ride camels in the desert. It’s worth mentioning that Marrakech isn’t in the Sahara Desert, and there are no rolling sand dunes anywhere near the city. You can still ride a camel, though. Camels and ponies for children are constantly available near the Menara Gardens for adults and children to ride. 

The Palmeraie is another place where you can ride camels. This one has a more “desert” feel about it. You can take a taxi or organize a ride with your riad or hotels in Morocco to go to this region. 

Moroccans know how to make a good cup of tea. Why don’t you throw a tea party? You can achieve this in a few different ways. For 350dirham per person, you can enjoy an afternoon tea time at the Royal Mansour. If you prefer a more affordable experience, go to one of the city’s many cafés. Choose your favorite cookies from a platter of cookies and a pot of tea to enjoy.

Ourika Valley

If you decide to go, make sure you have good footwear and have a conversation with your children before you go hiking. On the climb, there are no true safety backups. There are guides offering to take you up the mountain all over the city. If you decide to do this, make sure you agree on a price with them before you begin climbing so there are no unpleasant surprises at the end.

What’s the true reason I keep returning to Ourika? The tajine is a Moroccan dish. Seriously, driving an hour just to eat the cuisine is worth it to me. Carrots, potatoes, olives, and spices are used in this meat tajine. It’s a fantastic dish that’s grilled over fire. It comes with freshly baked Berber bread and is delicious. 

You can’t go wrong with Ourika if you’re visiting Marrakech and want to get away from the heat and bustle of the city. Take your time and see a different side of Morocco; I guarantee you’ll have a whole new and unique experience.


There are several unique spots to visit with children in Fez’s Imperial City. Exploring the medina without a car is a lot of fun. There’s a lot of history here, but there’s also a lot to explore.

The medina of Fez is known for making visitors feel as if they had traveled back in time 100 years or more. The donkeys and carts that scurry down the Harry Potter-esque, small cobblestone lanes are part of the attraction.

Arrange for your child to ride a donkey and take in the sights through their eyes. Even great if your kids are fatigued from a long day of walking through Fez’s huge medina. Ask your guide or the reception desk at your hotel which is among the best accommodation in Morocco for assistance in finding a local donkey ride for your children.

With Children in Essaouira

Essaouira is a must-see for families with children, thanks to its beautiful surroundings and laid-back character, making it an ideal beach vacation for kids of all ages. It’s also one of Morocco’s most family-friendly destinations.

Essaouria beach and promenade are a fantastically peaceful area for families, despite the fact that it is usually always windy. There are a plethora of outdoor beach activities to pick from, including surfing, kite surfing, and playgrounds, and youngsters will have a beachy blast. 

If all else fails, there’s plenty of sand to buildsandcastles in, so bring a picnic lunch and a blanket and get ready for a day at the beach! If you bring a kite, your kids will have a blast flying it in the breeze.


For many families, the port of Tangier in Morocco is their first port of entry into Africa. Tangier, which long had a shady image, has undergone a complete transformation in recent years.

Allow your children to enjoy the interesting Tangier Kasbah’s history of pirates and pillaging. This beautiful fort with amazing architecture goes back to the 13th century and is located just above the famous, culturally rich Tangier medina. The kids can run around as you take in the breathtaking views!


Rabat is Morocco’s tranquil, charming capital, and it’s a great place to visit with kids and family. We adore exploring with kids because it is green, clean, and full of culture, history, and fun. Here are some of the best activities to do with kids in Rabat, whether you’re intending to visit or live there.

This is a fantastic activity for kids of all ages. Take a ferry from Rabat to Sale and have lunch at the picturesque marina on the other side.

Check out the newly remodeled Ciné Atlas in Hassen for English-language films. This movie theater shows standard English-language films; search for the word “VO” in the movie description. If it’s an American film, it signifies “original version,” meaning the movie will be in English.

Children never get enough time outside, and Forest Maamora is a fantastic place for them to run around. With over 120,000 acres of landscape, this famous cork tree forest is a wonderful, shady area for families and outdoor enjoyment just northeast of Rabat on the A1 autoroute and the road to Khenitra.

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Sahara Desert with Children

For many individuals, seeing the Sahara is a must. But, especially when children are involved, go into the event fully informed so that you can have the greatest journey possible.

Many people have questioned if they should do this with their children and what advice we would give, so I’m hoping to provide answers to those questions. First and foremost, the issue of traveling to the Sahara must be considered. 

You can travel there from either Fez or Marrakech, although it is a long journey in any case. If you’re not sure how they’ll react, plan a private tour that allows you to stop as often as you need and doesn’t put other people on edge.

There you have it. My guide for traveling in Morocco with your kids. Prepare to have a good time with the entire family.

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