What should I do if my lower back hurts after sleeping?

What should I do if my lower back hurts after sleeping?

The lower back in the morning can hurt for a variety of reasons. We tell you about everything and explain what to do with this unpleasant pain.

If in the morning, instead of cheerfulness, you feel tired and you have a lower back pain after sleep, it is worth not only changing the mattress and taking a comfortable position, but also checking the condition of the spine and internal organs.

How does a sleeping place affect your well-being

Unpleasant sensations in the back immediately cause a desire to go to a neurologist or surgeon, correct scoliosis or cure hernias. But usually the reason is much more simple: our feelings are affected primarily by the organization of sleep.

Take a closer look at:

  • The stiffness of the mattress. A mattress that is too soft will not support your back, and a mattress that is too hard will keep your back tense;
  • Height of the pillow. Too voluminous or flat pillow does not contribute to the natural position of the back;
  • Position for sleeping. Sleeping on the stomach tightens the muscles of the lower back, and on the back-keeps the body in tension. The ideal sleeping position is on your side with your legs bent;
  • Your own feelings. A shower, fresh air, a comfortable temperature, a light dinner and aromatherapy will help you cope with excess fatigue before going to bed.

Check your back

If you are sure that you have organized the bedroom correctly, but you still have a lower back pain after sleeping — it’s time to check the condition of the spine. It is his diseases that most often provoke pain.


Displacement of the vertebrae. It is also indicated by pain in the legs, difficulty moving and heaviness in the knees.

Protrusion, hernia and muscle neuralgia. The main problems begin after pinching the nerves. Back pain is so severe that they can not be removed even with medication.

Osteoporosis — thinning of the bones. You experience pain not only in the morning, but throughout the day. The same sensations will be with cracks or fractures of the spine.

Sciatica. Pain appears suddenly at any time, but after sleep, the lower back hurts almost always. Usually you feel the right side back pain each morning .

But maybe there’s nothing wrong with the spine. In this case, the cause of pain is the pathology of internal organs located nearby.

Kidney disease. The lower back will hurt from one side, problems with urination will begin. These can be omissions of the kidneys after injuries or pregnancy, disruption of their work after drinking alcohol, urolithiasis, and so on.

Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas. There is a nagging pain in the entire lower back, nausea becomes more frequent and unpleasant sensations appear after eating.

Pregnancy, gynecological diseases in women and prostatitis in men.

There are also rarer causes, such as parasites in the intestines, tuberculosis or cancer. If you are concerned about lower back pain after sleep, only a comprehensive examination will help you determine the exact cause.

Which specialist should I choose?

Depending on what causes the pain, you should consult different doctors:

  • neurologist-primary examination and diseases of the spine,
  • surgeon-will help with curvature and severe bone damage,
  • nephrologist and urologist-with prostatitis and kidney diseases,
  • gynecologist-with pathologies in the uterus and ovaries,
  • gastroenterologist — in the case of diseases of the intestinal tract: pancreatitis, gastric ulcer, gastroduodenitis,
  • proctologist — diseases of the colon, ulcers and polyps,
  • infectious diseases-will help get rid of intestinal infections, pelvic inflammation and parasites.

First of all, it will help the neurologist. He will be able to confirm the diseases of the spine and tell you which doctor to contact if everything is fine with him.

For rapid diagnosis, it is necessary to do an MRI of the spine and an ultrasound of the abdominal cavity. But their results should be checked by a doctor. Trying to make a diagnosis on your own is fraught with error and serious consequences from the lack of correct treatment.

What else is worth paying attention to?

Morning back pain can be caused not only by illness or an uncomfortable place to sleep. Chances are high that a neurologist will send you to the gym instead of an MRI. With weak muscles, the entire body rests directly on the spine, which causes acute pain in the lower back. Especially the problem is aggravated with excess weight.

Excessive load on the back the day before leads to unpleasant sensations in the muscles in the morning. The pain may last for a day or two, but then it will pass without treatment.

Back pain can even cause emotional turmoil. That is why it is worth keeping an eye on the mood in which you go to bed.

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