What Is The Ranking System Used In League Of Legends?

What Is The Ranking System Used In League Of Legends?

The League of Legends is a multiplayer game that involves two teams fighting against each other. The main goal here is to destroy the tower generally known as Turret. Your team will have to destroy at least five turrets of the enemy team to win the match. Destroying the Turret is not as easy as you think cause the enemy is always protecting their turrets and destroying yours to win.    

There is much more to the games that make them fun and addictive. Playing League of legends could be an excellent refresher after a long busy day. You can take your friends to team up and push the ranks to new levels. Gamers know how crucial it could be to move ranks and appreciate the other tiers. Staying stuck on the same rank could become frustrating after some time for most of the players.  

The Ranking System In League Of Legends

Like any other multiplayer game, there is also a ranking system in League of legends. You will have to compete against a player of your level of skills. Your rank will start increasing when you defeat the player of your level and keep winning. The game automatically matches you against the players of your level and rank. You can play with the random player as a team to push your ranking in the game. However, to play rank games, new players have to reach level 30 and earn 16 champs or more.

In addition, this is the basic level to start playing rank games in League of legends. The new players have to play ten-rank games before they achieve rank. Your performance in those starting ten games will decide which rank you got placed into, such as bronze tier, silver bier etc. Usually, a new player will have to start with a lower rank but still get a chance to score higher. 

How To Push Rank In League Of Legends?

One match in League of Legends lasts a minimum of 15 minutes and could go upto 25 to 30 minutes if one team is not surrendering. This makes it much tough to rank higher in League of legends; not everyone has that amount of time to spend. You can play 1 or 2 matches daily, but it will not help you reach the other rank tier faster. In these cases, you can take the help of 롤대to push your rank significantly. Gamers who are determined enough to push their rank will have to learn various things to rank higher.

Some people that are hard stuck at a lower rank should try to find a team they could play with. However, the primary things you can do in League of legends in improve your skill and learn from every defeat. After reaching a higher level of ranking, small things could impact your gameplay. Therefore, try to recognize small things in your gameplay that need to be improved while playing League of legends. 

Rank Tier And Division In League Of Legends

There are nine tiers of ranks in the League of legends that have four divisions; one is the higher division of the rank, such as the bronze one. The ranks are mentioned below in proper order:

  1. Iron
  2. Bronze
  3. Silver
  4. Gold
  5. Platinum
  6. Diamond
  7. Master
  8. Grandmaster
  9. Challenger


Ranks are one of the parts of the game that makes it much more fun and challenging to play. Many players in League of legends are daily improving their skills to be the best in the game. The players who cannot provide time to push rank can use services that help move rank.

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