What is the meaning of Local Presence?

What is the meaning of Local Presence?

The meaning of local presence is a system that enables the people inside the sales reps. It helps the people to dial the prospects by using the local area codes automatically. It is known that the Local Presence dialers can lift the call connection rates by more than 400%. The prospects tend to be far more likely to answer the unknown calls from any of the local area numbers. Rather than that, they use toll-free or long-distance phone numbers.

Features of local presence

All the local presence dialers are usually connected to some sort by using a sales dialer or the VoIP system. Here they work by provisioning a batch of local area phone numbers in advance from the divergent area codes. Here they also work with a good amount of technology. Here they can also recognize the geolocation of a particular number that a rep is dialing. Here it is also seen that the local presence system can then automatically ensure that a number generally appears in that prospect’s caller ID. This number is either in the same area code or in a nearby area code.

The Local presence dialers are themselves very popular inside when it comes to the matter of sales tools. Instead of it, a rep can turn the local presence on, and after that, they can dial prospects as usual. However, what happens here is that instead of seeing the caller’s regular phone number, the customers will see a local area number in their caller ID. This also ensures that a large number of prospects will pick up their phones.

Significance of local presence

The Local presence is one of the most common features here, which is generally supported within the sales dialers and the sales engagement platforms. It is done to increase the call connection rates. Instead of giving them a toll-free or a phone number that is out of the states as to a prospect, the local area code is then displayed on the caller id of the customer. Here, the businesses and the consumers are then more likely to pick up the phone. In a recent online study made upon the 2,310 Internet users, it was found out that the prospects or the customers are usually four times more likely to pick up a local area call. While it is always seen that the local presence looks like a best practice, the benefits that a person gets from it should be carefully weighed against all the costs of its own.


When we look at the customer’s point of view, the Local Presence is not as profitable for them as the company. A survey was done knit, and it found out that 70% of the respondents or the customers to whom the call goes generally assume that the local number was displayed as a form of fraud. This is done to trick them into picking up the phone. Only a mere thirty percent of them use benign explanations to the practice, while many of them assume it as a trick.

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