What is GreekDaGod Net Worth

What is GreekDaGod Net Worth

What is GreekDaGod Net Worth, how much is he worth, and when did he start making money to fund his career?

The musician and entrepreneur has a net worth $2 million

GreekDaGod was born September 4, 1989 in Kings County, New York. He lived most of his early years in Crown Heights, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, with his mother, Aliete (nee Leandre) and father, Guito. His mom worked jobs off and on, but finally ended up staying home to take care of her family. She was formerly a seamstress that had migrated from Port-au-Prince, Haiti in the early 1980’s. Aliete met his father, Guito in New York, where he was employed as a jitney driver at the time.

GreekDaGod always wanted to be a businessman. So Greek opened his first business at 19 years old. He started a clothing line to make fashionable uniforms for teenagers. At that time finding a job was pretty hard and the area was predominantly white since & he was 16 years old. Determined to get a job, Greek had to get a work permit. At that time Greek was living in Greater Northeast Philadelphia, during his high school days. Greek said,  “I was selling phones & candy during that time so he bought whatever he wanted like clothes and sneakers.”

The Business didn’t go as planned because of a lack of resources.

Therefore, because of that Greek reverted to hustling the old fashion way or finding a new job. In GreekDaGod  20’s his net worth was six figures.

Fast forward to 2021 as Greekdagod has accomplished a lot in his music career. When he moved to LA everything increased a hundredfold, visual and music wise. Greek wasn’t always in front of  the camera, he was a catalyst in many underground and major artist music careers. Back in 2007 and 2008 he was producing music and making money off his beats every time he lost his job. That gave him that drive to keep pushing. In his latest release, a song called KD, he states ‘’it cost 2 million to book him in the south side. I guess ‘’yesterday’s price isn’t today’s price’’, a great quote from fat joe.

GreekDaGod does live a fast-paced lifestyle, traveling to different countries, states, and  driving foreign cars in his music videos and off-camera. And of course in Los Angeles living with the stars, living the American dream. Perhaps his net worth can be a million.


Greek’s sound is all-encompassing, providing a unique atmosphere that compliments his strong lyrical style. 2013 was the beginning of his collaboration with different artists. Greek released two tracks, one called “Shine” featuring Joanna Quintin and another one called “It Was All A Dream.” Both tracks were produced by iillmind from the Greek The Golden Gun 3 Mixtape series.

Greekdagod is an independent artist with his own record label called Creating Music Forever. His record label focuses on helping independent artists get recourse for their creative journey. It is a branch of Kingkillers Ent. which he started in 2012. Greek started funding his career with investment and side hustles. He invested his money to buy recording  equipment and videography equipment

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