What are the restrictions under an E2 visa?

What are the restrictions under an E2 visa?

All of the things here on Earth have restrictions that you need to follow. It can be some rules about nature, humanity, and in this article about an E2 visa. Even though it seems easy to apply and pass for this type of visa, the restrictions are something that you need to consider.

SO before applying for the visa itself, you should review E2 Visa Guides for the restrictions first. This is to know if you can keep the status in good condition. If you think that the regulations will be something that will keep you on the foul line, maybe an E2 visa is not the right one for you. 

Without further ado, let us unravel the restrictions under an E2 visa.

Restrictions for the Principal Holder

Since you are in the process of applying for a business visa in the United States of America, your main goal is to run a business on the country’s premises. If you fail to do so, it will not serve its purpose. Plus, the primary purpose why the United States of America is issuing this kind of visa to foreigners is for them to boost the economy of the US.

As the principal holder, you are not allowed to work for other companies aside from the business that you have stated in your application. If you fail to do so, you may be subject to termination of the visa and deportation.

But there is an exception with the E2 employees. If the employee holds a California E2 visa, they can work for another company, given that it should be a parent or subsidiary company of the E2 business he initially applied for. Plus, the nature of work that he has to perform must not change. Also, the parent/subsidiary and the treaty organization should have established a relationship already.

Both principal holders (investor or employee) may be affected if the company has undergone substantive changes. Here are some of the examples of a substantive change:

· Merging with other companies

· Acquisitions of other businesses

· Changes in the employee’s initial characteristics

· Any other changes that will affect the status of the investor or employee

Restriction under the Spouse and Children or Dependents

It is a privilege to bring your family along with you while you work in a foreign country. But they bear different restrictions than you as the principal holder.

Your spouse can work at any company she wishes to apply for, only that she needs to apply for work authorization. But, if they fail to do so, it can be a factor in the spouse’s deportation. And it can be a lead to question your legality as well.

The children can study at any public school up until college. However, if they reach 21 years old, they will be forced to leave the country or apply for their visas instead. There is a lot of passes that your child can choose from. It can be an F1 visa that will allow them to finish their studies for a year. Then, after graduation, they can change status to Optional Practical training to work under their chosen fields for at least a year.

Other STEM branches offer longer OPTs. While they hold this certification, they can secure employment in the US and apply for an H1B visa or other labor certification. Or you can also direct your children to start their business. Or they can buy firms in the US and apply for an E1 visa too.


Now that you know the restrictions under the E2 visa, it will not shock you already when you and your family land in the United States. But, again, ignorance of the law excuses no one. And this applies to all countries. Knowing what you should not be doing can guarantee a safe and sound stay in a foreign country.

We hope that this page has been a great help to you and guided you in your queries about an E2 visa. We also want you to digest it to your mind not to impose any threat in your stay when you are already in the United States of America. We know how hard it is to get approved and to process everything from the start. Therefore, keeping your status safe is something that we can offer. 

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