What are the pros and cons of taking an AP test?

What are the pros and cons of taking an AP test?

The AP test is one of the most sought after qualifications by colleges of today and has been seen as one of the major change-makers when it comes to college admission. With AP marks affecting your entire college entrance, it is easy to understand its importance and significance in a student’s life when they are in high school.

With the number of tests taken dropping by 7% due to the pandemic, the growth of the tests seem skewed, however, the truth lies in the fact that over the past few years, the number of people taking this test has only increased. The number has moved up so significantly that it has become quite an achievement to clear an AP test with sufficient grading enough to be considered eligible for school and college credits.

Source: The College Board

What is the AP test?

The AP test, expanded to the Advanced Placement test is a test dedicated to ensuring advanced placements for students in the course of their choice as the name implies.

This test conducted by The College Board ensures that the student will be thorough in the course that they plan to pursue in college and will have some degree of expertise when participating in college.

These tests are designed by college professors and approved by The College Board before being used for testing purposes.

When it comes to both the advantages and disadvantages of taking the AP test, you can find hundreds of different sources, hopefully, this article will be the one to put your head at ease with the simple few reasons on why you should and why you shouldn’t:

  1. CON: The Cost of the test:

An important aspect to consider while taking this test is the fact that it costs $100 for a single test and taking more can add up fast making your job all the harder.

This might cause a rather serious impact if you aren’t from a first world country or are having trouble with finances.

With the cost of a test being non-inclusive of the preparation and course material, you can end up spending a lot of money on the entire examination process.

  • PRO: The Number of Subjects offered:

Being an advanced test, this course offers several different kinds of subjects you can study. From design to arts to history, mathematical courses, those on science and finally, lingual subjects are definitely subjects you can take up and do very well in if you have the required skill or dedication to study.

  • CON: The colleges that accept it:

Surprisingly, not all colleges accept these tests. While most Colleges claim to accept these tests, there still remain some that either don’t really consider it in the admission process or significantly undervalue its worth.

This can devalue the test that you worked so hard for and can feel quite painful.

  • PRO: The Experience:

By studying that particular course you will have a hang of the intricacies of the subject that you are planning to pick up. From small parts that you want to explore further and probably take a master in, to realizing that it isn’t the course for you, there’s a lot that a course can teach you.

This gives you an idea of what you will have to go through in college as well as gives you some extra experience of the subject you plan to work on.

  • CON: Difficulty of examination:

While it is well known that the exams are not meant for everybody, not everyone knows that barely a fifth of the students writing it make it through. With such a low chance of doing well, you will quite clearly understand why and how this sort of exam is considered a threat.

However, with the help of the right online AP classes, you can overcome this difficulty with relative ease.

  • PRO: The Boosts in scores:

By writing this test and clearing it, you will be entitled to an overall GPA boost further improving your college application. On top of this, you will also earn college credit.

With such a big exam, there are going to be several flaws along with the benefits. However, in the spirit of the exam, do your best.

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