What Are the Essential Kitchen Tools for Beginners?

What Are the Essential Kitchen Tools for Beginners?

If you want to enhance your cooking skills, then you will need carefully selected kitchenware products. However, if you are starting to build your toolkit from the ground up, you must know what you need.

Chef’s Knife

You might want to choose an 8″ to 10″ chef’s knife. Since you are still a beginner, you can start with a $20 chef’s knife, which you can get at any restaurant supply store. Regardless of the fact that it is made of cheap steel, it is still capable of cutting through almost anything. When the time comes that it gets dull, then you can always get a new one for only $20.

Be sure to consider the foods that you will be cutting as well as your forearm’s strength. For example, if your forearms are not strong enough, you can go for an 8-inch knife, but if you are strong enough, go for the 10 inch one.

Stainless Steel Skillet

For your pan, you can either choose cast iron, stainless steel, or non-stick. As a beginner, you can choose a stainless steel 10″ skillet. It is nice since it does not stain nor chip compared to non-stick pans. Additionally, it is very versatile since you can cook almost anything on it, except eggs.

You can also choose cast iron pans, although they are difficult to care for. However, if you know how to clean it properly, then it’s perfectly fine. Be sure to look for stainless steel pans that can last longer. At the same time, ensure that copper or aluminium is found in between the stainless steel.

Keep in mind that copper and aluminium are great conductors of heat. However, since they are covered in stainless steel, they do not retain any odours and are extremely durable.

Large, Heavy Pot

One important thing to remember is that your large, heavy pot, which is usually used for blanching vegetables or cooking pasta, must be able to spread heat evenly. Furthermore, clad pots, which are triple ply, can distribute heat through metal layers. They are made of stainless steel on the outsides, and copper or aluminium is used in the middle of these sheets.

All-Clad can be considered as the stainless-steel standard. However, this will likely cost about $150. A more reasonable choice would be to choose an 8-quart pot that costs less than $100.

Cutting Board

When choosing a cutting board, choose something made of hardwood, such as oak, hickory, or walnut, so it won’t warp if it gets wet. The thickness should be around 2″. If you do not like the feeling of a wood cutting board, then a bamboo cutting board will do just fine. Glass or plastic cutting boards are strongly discouraged since they could easily get slippery and can likewise damage your knives. However, you can go for plastic cutting boards when cutting meats since they are very easy to wash.

Measuring Spoons

Each person has their preference when it comes to measuring spoons. The most important thing is to look for longer ones that fit into jars. It should be durable enough, so it won’t warp or bend. Look for spoons that have half-sphere tips which can be very helpful for straight measurements. You can also use them for making cookie dough balls or anything that is circular.

After having these essential kitchenware products, you can choose to expand your kitchen toolbox later.

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