What Are the Benefits of SaaS ERP?

What Are the Benefits of SaaS ERP?

SaaS or software is a cloud-based computing service. It offers its users online access to features via subscription and is often provided by a vendor.

This cloud-based on-demand software licensing model has many benefits for businesses. Moreover, all you need for accessing it is an internet browser and connectivity. 

Thanks to its cloud-based features, it allows its users to access and communicate from any device and place in the world.

With the growing connectivity between the world, the need for SaaS-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems is also increasing.

Companies like TechnologyOne software services are examples of SaaS ERP that helps increase the efficiency of businesses.

How Does SaaS ERP Work?

Through SaaS, users can subscribe and use application software on the cloud, saving them from the hassle of on-premise software maintenance.

The modern cloud suites now come with complete solutions for businesses. This makes your sales, marketing, customer experience and finance-related work easy.

Now ERP is the collection of systems a business uses to manage its core functionality. Since every business is different, so are the ERPs and their operations in each company.

Ironically though, ERPs initially ran as on-premise software. However, with time they have adopted the cloud-based model.

With ERP, you can manage, report, collect and store data from various activities within a business. You can say that ERP systems act as a mode of communication. They allow the information to be passed on between different units of an organisation.

Benefits of SaaS ERP

SaaS ERP services are easy to set up, and they are cheaper than on-premise software services. The best part of these services is that you can access the customisation options online, even if your vendor doesn’t provide them.

Cost Saving on Hardware

Previously, companies used hardware and had to spend a significant budget on machinery, software, maintenance etc.

With the cloud-based SaaS ERP in the picture, that problem is solved forever.

Cost-effective for Start-ups

This is also immensely beneficial for the smaller companies which require lesser modules. SaaS ERP provides the flexibility to pay less in such cases.

On-Demand Scalability

As businesses grow in size, things like data or transactions also grow. Therefore, the software management system needs to be upgraded as well.

On-premise ERP systems tend to be more complex and require a lot of hardware equipment for upgrading. In contrast, the cloud-based SaaS ERP allows more flexibility in this.

Automatic Upgrading

In a cloud-based environment, software updates itself automatically. With the SaaS ERP vendors like TechnologyOne software services handling everything virtually, upgrading systems is a cakewalk now.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Similar to the upgrading, the maintenance has also become virtual and hassle-free. Since the SaaS ERP providers take care of all the maintenance, the IT department of businesses have less to worry about.

Faster Functionality

The ERP systems also make the business processes much faster, with quick access to analytics and support.

Along with this, any new functionality that is needed can be added to the platform almost instantly. This is much faster and easier than having to get on-premise IT support.

Summing Up

Opting for a cloud-based software system has many benefits for your organisation. SaaS ERP systems can drastically improve your business process and help you better communicate within units.

Moreover, keeping an eye on every process within the organisation gets a lot easier. Higher security, instant upgrades, ease of access and low maintenance — all of these just makes SaaS ERP systems the best your business can get.

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