Website Branding Tips

Website Branding Tips

Launching a website is one of the most exciting times for a new blogger, but it can also be when a lot of mistakes are madeContrary to popular belief, website branding is very complicated and takes a quite a while as you need to deliver a unique and authentic brand experience.  For this reason most businesses hire a brand strategy consultant to guide them on a cohesive brand experience. By cultivating a culture around your brand, you will be able to blog with higher efficacy and grow your active reader base. But knowing where to start is something that is rarely gotten right. That’s why you really want to make your blog stand out and branding is something that helps you accomplish that. Overall, website branding and design are very important and should be used in conjunction to achieve the best results.

Design Website Branding Tips

Hiring professionals like Base Create is something that should be considered if you intend to brand your future design, particularly if you are trying to stimulate conversations and drive quality engagement to your site. However, there are some simple things that can be done on your own to save money. You can consider the following:

Theme Or Style

First, you will want to consider the way you want your website to look. To make sure your site and brand is memorable, your theme and style should be as unique as possible. It’s important to make sure the brand has individuality, personality or company values. In the case of a blog, it will need to say a lot about the individual behind the blog being an entrepreneur or business person.


While we all have our favorite colors, a great blog theme isn’t something that we can do at a personal level. In a lot of cases our own personal favorite color isn’t appropriate. Colors need to match, therefore adding too many colors is only suitable if it’s going to be appropriate. To avoid clutter, most modern website designs normally feature only two tones.


This is a website design element that is often not taken into account. That is really a shame because this is a critical element. Using the appropriate typography (including font color and type) will work with the overall site design to give the best appearance. This needs to be taken into account from the very beginning because changing it at a later time can be very difficult. You will want everything to match and think about much more than design perspective. Safe web fonts are usually highly recommended.


Just as you think about color and style, you will want to also think about site layout. There are many choices to be made, the main one being choosing between a clean, airy site and a compact site. In general, the clean site is the most popular option currently. The website’s value proposition and core message will become diluted if the layout is crowded.

Marketing Website Branding

Aside from the design part of the site, branding is also connected with what you do for marketing purposes. In a lot of cases we see sites with a specific design that will use something completely different in the marketing material. This is quite a large mistake because people want to see consistency.

Value Proposition And Clear Message

You can have the most appealing website out there, a blog that is eye-catching and a great logo, but if the marketing message isn’t compelling and clear, visitors are simply going to leave. And even worse than that, once a visitor leaves, chances of them returning are very slim. A new visitor usually decides if they like what they see on your site in just a few seconds. It’s important that the value proposition is unique and the message is clear so you as the site owner are helping the visitor make that decision to stay. Defining your brand message is something that is much more complicated than what most beginners think. It is something that will be able to be better defined and will help connect the blogger and the audience. That’s why marketers and bloggers always try to make improvements.

Visuals And Content

Creating a site that is conveying your message, that is properly branded and looks great is the first step in the process. After that is done you will want to add great visuals and content. Marketing, branding and getting noticed is usually all about the content. Quality content is what will help make an online business successful. You have to also be sure that the content is connected to UVP and the marketing message. Visual content is also a huge part of brand marketing. Make sure that blog posts have images that are memorable and help make the content as quickly recognizable as possible. This will also help in promoting social media and blog network sharing.

Writing Tone And Style

Having a unique writing tone and style is imperative when you want to incorporate blogging into a business. It can be similar to others but you must make it your own. This is a crucial part of building your brand that helps much more than several other elements. It does take time to develop a good persona. However, if you focus on developing really good content the persona to match will follow. However, putting in the extra time will certainly help with developing your online persona as well.


As you can see, many things can be done by beginners to create strong branding for new blogs. Because the competition is always quite big with blogs, you will want to put in the work and stay focused. Even if you are launching a blog for personal reasons, it’s very important that you focus on branding every single blog you create. The more work you put into branding, the more benefits you will receive in the long run for your online business!

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