Ways to Secure Your Home

Ways to Secure Your Home

Home security is one of the primary concerns of every homeowner. Your home should be a safe place to come home and relax for you and your family. Theft or burglary is more than the loss of money and possessions; it is a pretty traumatic incident. It can even cause PTSD in some cases. There are many steps you can take to secure your home. However, it would be best to consider a Home Service Repair Plan before security to take care of the more significant issues affecting your property. Here are a few tips to consider for indoor security.


Doors are the main entrance to your house. Securing them solves most problems. As unlikely as it may seem, many burglars break into homes through the doors. So it is essential that you have strong and sturdy doors. Invest in the quality of the material instead of the look. It is advisable not to have a mail slot in your door as it gives easy access to thieves to reach in and open the lock from inside. If you rent a home or bought it from someone who used to live there, the first thing you should do is change the locks. Other simple steps include installing a deadbolt or a strike plate may help.


Windows are the second most crucial place when it comes to theft. Make sure your windows are shut and locked whenever you’re not home. Many windows come with built-in latches, but they are often not very reliable. You should ensure the safety of your windows by having locks and key-operated levers. Consider security film for your windows. This film not only protects your home from theft but in extreme weather too. A window security film will keep the glass from breaking apart and shattering into pieces on the ground. In this era of technology, you can also consider sensors near your windows that detect motion. This motion will automatically cause an alarm to go off and alert you. You may also have steel window bars. However, if you are concerned with them destroying the aesthetic of your windows, consider prickly plants under the windows.

Keep Your Home Well-Lit

Well-lit homes are an essential factor in keeping your home safe and secure. A well-lit home makes anyone around your house aware that there are people at home. A lit home is intimidating to burglars and may keep them away. Make sure your front porch is lit after sunset. You can have solar lights installed if you don’t want to spend a lot on fancy lighting. They will also reduce energy consumption and reduce your carbon footprint. You may also use motion-activated lights. These lights can be beneficial to alert you when they detect motion. You may also consider a timer on your lights.

Garage Doors

Criminals have become extremely smart when it comes to theft. Garage doors are becoming a specific entry point for burglars. We often have valuable items stored in our garage. Even if they do not find a way inside your home, they may find valuable stuff inside the garage. Make a habit of locking any doors inside and outside the garage before leaving. Inculcate these habits in other family members who use the garage. If you have a secret passcode to enter the garage, make sure your family doesn’t give it out. You should not enter the passcode in front of neighbors or the delivery man. Additional measures include covering any windows that may show what is inside the garage, keeping the garage door locked with more than one lock, and using home automation to keep the garage door shut as soon as it is not in use.

Wi-Fi Network

It may not seem obvious, but your Wi-Fi network may put your home at risk of burglary. Since the advent of the internet, life has become more accessible and more convenient. However, it is also a gateway to our personal information like bank account and credit card details. Getting access to any of this information can lead to theft. Make sure that your wireless router is secure. Your Wi-Fi should also have WPA and WPA2 encryption. It would help if you always kept your home Wi-Fi hidden with a unique name. Use strong passwords and install a firewall.

Remove Any Places That One Could Hide In

When you buy your own home, inspect your home thoroughly and carefully to look for places where someone could enter. The most common hiding places are trees and plants. Make sure the trees and plants around your home are trimmed and neat. Remove any stools or ladders that could aid burglars with entry. Lock any gates and sheds outside your home. Do not put expensive stuff on display that would attract criminals.

Final Thoughts

Securing your home from burglaries is a responsibility. Always make sure to update yourself with the latest security systems. And take advantage of the tips mentioned above to make your home a safer place for you and your family.

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