Ways to promote your music as an independent creator

Ways to promote your music as an independent creator

Many newcomers are intimidated by the idea that they have to promote their music however this process shouldn’t be scary. Today, in this article, written by EKmixmaster, we are going to break down the ways to promote your tracks as an independent artist because we want to make sure that next time you have to market your music, you feel more comfortable with what you are doing. 

Back in the day, if you didn’t work with a label, it was very difficult to get your music out there however, nowadays, thanks to the Internet, independent creators have numerous ways to promote their tracks online and connect with fans. Nevertheless, promoting your music is still very complicated because if you work alone, you have to balance the creative side of the business and marketing. 

1. Sign up with a distributor

Finding a distributor is very important if you want your tracks to be heard by as many people as possible. The thing is, some streaming platforms, such as Spotify, do not accept music from independent creators, so you have to sign up with a distributor to promote your music there. But we suggest that you do your research before choosing your distributor because all of them have unique characteristics that can make or break the deal for you. 

2. Create a press kit

A press kit is like a CV for musicians. In your press kit, you can gather all the relevant info about yourself and your songs so that people can have a full picture of your music. It should include a short bio, promotional photos and links to your best releases and reviews. You can also make a PDF version of the press kit. 

3. Don’t forget about fan engagement

Many newcomers forget that social media is a powerful tool for communicating with fans and use it just for publishing promoting content. But social media is a good place to make conversation with your followers, make them a part of your world. Remember that your personality plays a big role in keeping your fans interested, so don’t be afraid to show them who you are. Always remember to thank your audience for their support and make them feel appreciated and cherished. 

4. Don’t be afraid to use analytics

Many social media and streaming platforms have analytical data that is very helpful to get to know your audience. This data indicates who they are, their age, sex, nationality and it plays a big role in creating a marketing campaign that caters to the interests of your audience. Therefore you shouldn’t be afraid to use this info. However, it is usually only available for business accounts which is out of the question if you are on a tight budget. 

5. Get your music published on a playlist

Today it is important to get your songs on the playlist as it exposes your music to a bigger audience. There are three types of playlists: algorithmic, editorial, and user-generated. User-generated playlists are good for new producers, while editorial playlists can make you famous overnight because usually, they have millions of subscribers. With algorithmic playlists, it might be a little bit more difficult as you have to have a significant amount of streams, but if you do, the algorithm will promote your music to users who are interested in similar styles of music, so submitting your tracks to playlists can be very beneficial

6. Make a mailing list 

Emails are a great tool to promote your music because every person checks their mail at least once a day, therefore if you send them a newsletter, chances are high that they will see it. Make sure your emails are personal, engaging, entertaining, and short. There are many email marketing services out there, they offer different price points, but all are pretty simple to use. 

Here are your six tips on promoting your music as an independent creator. We hope that you find something that will work for you. Check out Cartoon Torrenting Sites

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