Ways to Liven Up Your Spaces with Photo Frames

Ways to Liven Up Your Spaces with Photo Frames

The photo framing industry is evolving. Before, if you wanted to get a picture framed, you had to hire a professional. Only a few stores had exclusive access to the necessary equipment and supplies.

The drift toward picture framing for small businesses, start-ups, and do-it-yourselfers slowly started. There are still many professional picture framers who can give a high-end service; however, thanks to the few, there are now other, simpler and less expensive ways to get your picture framed. You can even buy a photo frame online.

Here are ways you can innovatively display photo frames:

1.    Margins that are coloured

The photo frames in this collage have broad, colourful margins. You might use the collage to exhibit DIY art, quotations, or colourful magazine cut-outs because the margins appear to be more substantial in these types of frames. This type of collage is ideal for living spaces with pastel walls and muted colours since it offers a nice pop of colour.

2.    Following the stairwell

The wall beside the stairs, one of the most underutilised areas in the house, may be a terrific place to hang photo collages. Consider making a timeline or a chronological story out of framed photographs of your family.

3.    Creating a family tree

If you have a large family with multiple generations, you might want to use this collage idea. Imagine making a family tree out of interesting images and displaying it on a wall! This collage is a wonderful combination of formal and personal ambience.

4.    A gallery wall with photo frames.

A gallery wall is a fantastic way to showcase your best images on a plain wall in your living area. Make an authentic arrangement by collating a selection of photographs that represent something to you with art images or even 3D objects. This designer’s collection is black, grey, and white, with graphic designs juxtaposed with posters corresponding to the chosen topic.

5.    Designs for photo frames that you can mix and match.

To create an assortment of patterns and forms that work well together, intersperse bulky photo frames in wood, colourful cloth, textured bamboo, or plain black outlines. Invest some time rearranging them to create a completely distinct look.

6.    Add a personal touch to your workspace

A framed photo of someone dear to you displayed at your desk adds a humane touch to your daily hustle. We adore the eclectic array of artefacts put together around the frame, all of which are connected by a black and tan thread.

7.    Pictures in a vertical panel

This is a beautiful way to collect photographs that are important to you. Choose identical square frames with a simple black outline. You can then fill them with sequential photos that make a story. The asymmetrical spacing of the strings behind the photos adds to the drama, although the images themselves are flawlessly symmetrical.

8.    Nature’s fragments, captured in time

Many of you might be in the habit of preserving a flower or a leaf from some special occasion or a memorable outing between the pages of a book. Get those pleasant memories framed between two panes of glass and make them a piece of art for a lifetime.

Once you have sorted out which style to go for, all that remains left for you to do is to buy the photo frame online. Then you are all set to spruce up that cosy little corner of your room or your workspace!

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