Ways to display your designs on social media

Ways to display your designs on social media

It is no secret that social media people prefer words over graphics. Pictures, videos, 360 views using interior, home, and floor plan software. Social media should be aimed at sharing attractive designs, 3D renderings, website content, and promotions for interior designers.

You must be active on social media if you genuinely want to raise awareness of your company, develop credibility and attract new clients. If you don’t know where to start, we have 5 techniques for demonstrating your designs and becoming a social media specialist for interior designers.

1. Facebook

With over one billion active members, Facebook is still the #1 social media site. There are various ways you can market your work using Facebook not to suggest that you will draw a billion customers.

Share all your concepts: You will enhance brand exposure and develop trust by publishing all of your completed designs on Facebook. Consider your online portfolio on Facebook. You have nothing to lose: it’s easy, fast, and best to share pictures – free!

Share 3D renderings: you can share your 3D renderings even if you don’t have any real-life photographs. It will demonstrate to potential customers that you are skilled in design technologies and that you are up to date.

360 panoramas: Once you share your 360 views, your fans can have an unforgettable glimpse of your works.

2. Pinterest

In social media for interior designers, Pinterest is an excellent site because it is designed to share visual content. You might only assume it’s for inspiration boards and DIY projects, but it’s more. You may share your work with Pinterest, as an interior designer, because you will have (or should have) a repertory of lovely images.

 Here are several ways to promote Pinterest’s designs:

Pin your designs: You want to ensure that you take vertical pictures and provide a link to your website when sharing your designs on Pinterest. 

Create boards: You will now know that you need to create boards for different pin types if you have a Pinterest account. For your 3D renders and one for real-life photographs at least, you should have aboard.

Use keywords: Pinterest operates as a search engine.   You need to include the correct keywords in all your shared designs, otherwise, they will not appear in a search.

3. Instagram

Instagram is the best platform to show your beautiful designs. You want to post consistently, and you want the same kind of content to be posted on Instagram (i.e., interior design-related content).

3D renderings + Real Life Photographs: You should make use of Instagram since it allows you to incorporate several photos in a single post. You can publish an image of a 3D renderer and a picture of actual space so that your fans can watch the 3D renderer take shape in between the two.

Before and after photographs: This is always a hit. Share your pictures before and after of space so that your supporters may see what a terrific job you have done. You could get a customer or two out of it if the makeover was amazing!

Use right hashtags: You NEED to utilize the relevant hashtags, else the right people will not notice your messages. You can also label manufacturers and paint firms with their products in your designs. Another way to make your designs pop up is touseservices where you can buy Instagram likes, views, and followers.They offer packages as cheap as $1 – $2 for views and followers.

4. Twitter

This platform should primarily be used to network and follow design trends with other interior designers. But sharing your designs here also does not hurt. You don’t have to put your whole energy on Twitter, but why not share your Twitter account if you have it?

Share your designs: you can share pictures on Twitter if you have already produced images on other social media.

Talk to other designers: this is your opportunity to network with other interior decorators. Join discussions and exchange ideas on design issues. Conversations. Join. If you want to share articles on design trends, Twitter is a good place to do it.

Use the right hashtags: Twitter is all about hashtags, just like Instagram. Use the correct hashtags so that searches show your posts.

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