Want to Study And Work in Australia? Find Out Now!

Want to Study And Work in Australia? Find Out Now!

Have you considered studying and working in Australia? This is an excellent opportunity for people who want to achieve fluency in English and have the experience of spending time outside your own country, in a country with a different social and cultural reality than they are used to.

Australia is considered a country receptive to foreigners – whether with tourists or international students, who go there to study. So, if that’s one of your goals, kangaroo land is an excellent option. In addition, the country offers excellent infrastructure and quality of life, after all, including the natural beauty of Australia in your routine will certainly help make your daily life much lighter and more pleasant.

Studying and working in Australia is a real possibility, as the country, like New Zealand, offers this option to foreigners who meet certain requirements. The main route is to travel to Australia with a study visa. To make it, international students in Australia must complete a course for at least 14 weeks. This visa allows the student to work for a maximum of 40 hours a fortnight – more than that is illegal.

Want to learn more about studying and working in Australia? Read on and find out how to prepare yourself to experience incredible moments on the other side of the globe. Check out!

How to study and work in Australia?

The main path for those who want to study and work in Australia is to go on an exchange program. One of the reasons for this is that having a good level of English is an important requirement for you to get a good job placement in the country. That way, investing in language learning will help you find better job opportunities.

You can also bet on a professional qualification in Australia, taking a technical course, undergraduate or postgraduate, and get an even higher education in your curriculum. Some of these programs offer options for internships in the area during their completion.

As we said earlier, the Australian Study Visa offers a legal work permit in the country. This visa fits the most diverse types of courses, its processing time is short. All you need to do is fulfill the requirements regarding the minimum duration and workload of the chosen course and complete the necessary profile checks.

To further facilitate the process of choosing the most suitable course and, especially, applying for a student visa, you can hire a specialized agency and count on the expertise of professionals in the field to take care of all the details of planning and organizing your travel.

Meanwhile, you only worry about preparing for your trip. Good, isn’t it?!

What are the course options?

As fluent English is paramount, this should be the first course you should be concerned about upon your arrival in Australia. An important detail regarding the choice of an English course – and with which the agency will help a lot – is that it needs to be recognized by the Australian government. Otherwise, your learning will be impaired and your visa process will also be impaired.

The English course is not the only study option that Australia offers. Some people, after the period of the English course, decide to extend their studies and apply to study at a technical school or even at an Australian university. Starting a new cycle of learning and experiences in the country. And as we said before, this new investment in your training can even generate new job opportunities.

Another possibility, if you are fluent in the English language, is to go to the country of kangaroos in order to attend a postgraduate course or another type of course in the professional sphere. In this case, you need to check the requirements of the university you want to study at. They usually require English language certifications such as IELTS.

What are the employment alternatives in Australia?

If you are study programs in Australia and are not fluent in English yet, your employment possibilities will be more restricted to what, in Brazil, are known as informal jobs. The point is that the less you speak the language, the more operational your role will be. As a result, it is common for international students to work as a cleaning and kitchen assistant, stock replenisher, painter and other functions that are less dependent on English.

A very important tip: change your mindset before leaving here. There is no such thing as underemployment there. The important thing is to work, improve your English level and have new experiences.

If you already have a little more fluency, or as you advance in your studies, it is possible to work in roles in which you interact more with the public, such as store attendant, clerk, waiter, among others. And start earning a little more.

It usually doesn’t take long to get a job in Australia. In a month or two you’ll start getting your first placements, whether in part-time jobs or casual jobs (where the company gets in touch with you when it needs your services, usually at events, bars or restaurants).

It is worth considering that these are options for international students, who can work 40 hours a fortnight. Therefore, if you are a qualified professional in your home country and want to practice your profession full-time in Australia, for example, a student visa with a work permit is not ideal.

Skilled Visa

The Australian government has an Immigration for Skilled Professionals program, which attracts professionals from areas in demand in the country. The selected professional is entitled to Skilled Visa and, with it, can live in Australia with his family. It sounds simple, but it is a complex process and full of details and demands, despite the fact that you are going to fill a need in the country.

Every year, the government publishes a list of professions in demand in Australia and opens up the possibility of immigration for qualified professionals. The 2017 and 2018 list has some changes from previous years. For those who are already graduated in one of the areas in demand, have professional experience in the area and are fluent in the English language, this can be a good option. It is worth checking.

Why hire a specialized agency?

Throughout the text, we mention the importance of hiring an agency to help you in the process of studying and working in Australia. Here we will explain a little better why this recommendation.

The fact is, you’re going to be living in another country for a while. In addition to the bureaucracy of getting a visa to Australia, you will have to go through an adaptation process once you get there. And here’s another tip: the contracted agency must have an office — in the destination where you will study and work.

Ideally, the agency will help you in your first moments on Australian soil. Therefore, hire an agency that offers reception services in Australia, with consultants who can help you, in Portuguese, to take care of issues such as:

  • health insurance;
  • preparation of curriculum in English;
  • accommodation;
  • tips for getting jobs;
  • obtaining the TFN (Tax File Number).

Having support on issues like these will make your exchange in Australia much more productive and enjoyable. With this, you will be better able to dedicate yourself to learning English and to get, as quickly as possible, a job that provides the experience you want.

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