Utilizing Pedestal Method – Its Benefits and Sustainability

Utilizing Pedestal Method – Its Benefits and Sustainability

We are now in a very modern phase of our lives. The simple terrace can have its quality design and aesthetic by adding an adjustable pedestal. You only need to have the proper knowledge about it.

In this article, you will understand the value of improving your raised floor with an adjustable pedestal.

What is a pedestal paving method?

It is utilized to turn the irregularities and unusable space in your place into a leveled area that can elevate up to a few inches. Ideal for all kinds of floorings and can be easily fixed and is very long-lasting.

Using an adjustable pedestal, you can enjoy having raised flooring without using single posts and sands.

Commonly used paving materials and essential information in installing

These are the type of paving supplies that can be used with a pedestal paver method. However, the primary concern is that the pavers must have enough structural durability for the required utilization. It includes ceramic(s) pavers, concrete slabs, stone, wood, bamboo, or compound wood. However, with composite timber or stone, a support framework is typically needed as well.

One of the crucial installation elements is a border containing rigid walls or solid barriers encompassing all sides of the roof floor installation. As the slabs are not implanted to the underlying layer. They must be supported with as little lateral movement as possible. Therefore, the halt between the pavers and the wall should not be far apart of more than one-eighth inches to regulate the displacement of the pavers.

The paver supports are built of a complex polypropylene polymer. They typically consist of a broad base, center screwed support for height modification. flat crest with built-in paver spacer strips where the pavers are placed. In providing quick installation and micro-adaptation of the measurement, the pedestal decking methods most commonly use a jackscrew type of paver support, allowing the size to adjust by changing the screwed shaft either up or down. In addition, spacer strips implanted in the pedestal head ensure proper spacing of the pavers.

One of the typical installations of a paving system is to design an excellent adjustable pedestal for roof decks. There may be restrictions on the roof’s load limit in some circumstances, in which event concrete roof deck pavers may be too cumbersome. Furthermore, however, moving solid blocks to an elevated area can frequently produce some problems because of their size. For the before-mentioned applications, an architectural ceramic(s) pavers with an average weight of 9lb/sq. ft. for ¾” broad pavers, can be a further suitable choice.

Benefits of using an adjustable pedestal

  1. Excellent for hiding pieces of equipment such as pipe, electrical cable, and other things you may put under the surface.
  •  The system provides a lightweight structure that allows sustainability.
  • Efficient water drainage, the small entrance between one and another, allows water to release onto the laying surface and promote fast drainage.
  • The firm structure guarantees a strong product, reliable and durable.
  • It is easy and fast to install. It can save both money and time.
  • Can excellently absorb the instructional movement because of its support.


Remember that it is most significant to understand things and plan before building your ideal place. Always consider checking the durability, sustainability, and if it is budget-friendly.

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