Unconventional Yet romantic Gift Ideas for first wedding anniversary

Unconventional Yet romantic Gift Ideas for first wedding anniversary

The first anniversary is a major milestone in a married life, as it marks the first successful completion of one year as a couple. So it needs to be celebrated with great zeal of enthusiasm. And gifts are one of the most important elements of celebration. But it becomes difficult to select gifts for the first anniversary as it is the first time you give something to your partner. 

Romantic Gift Ideas

Choosing from the plethora of options available on the internet creates a great deal of confusion. So to remove your clouds of confusion, here we have curated a list of unconventional yet romantic gifts ideas which you can try giving your spouse on your first anniversary.


Nothing can replace cake, and it is the most necessary part of any celebration. So how can you forget it on your anniversary, especially when it is your first? But gifting a cake sounds a little boring, doesn’t it? But you can make your first marriage anniversary cake unique by customizing it according to your partner’s preference. You can go for a theme cake, a couple cake, fondant cake, red velvet, emoji cake or a photo cake. These are some of the trending cake options available in the market. Get one of them on your first anniversary and surprise your spouse with the same. 

Photo frame-

Photo frames are the best way to preserve memories and always keep them in front of your eyes. There are ample photo frames options available in the market, but to make your gift unconventional and romantic, get the full-size frame and get your most romantic photo framed. You can pack this and gift it to your spouse. I am sure he/she is going to love it. 

Personalised Kit-

Personalised kit is a very thoughtful yet unconventional gifting option. This can include items that are useful for your partner. It can consist of a personalised bath kit with soaps, towels, candles, aroma shower gels etc. You can also include a wine kit, coffee kit, baking kit and so on. Choosing a kit type totally depends on the preferences of your spouse. If you are out of town for some reason, you can send this kit to your spouse along with an anniversary cake. There is an online cake delivery in Bangalore which you can take advantage of. 

Love Bands

I cannot stop myself from including this gift option because this is the most unique gift for couples. Marriage is all about partnership and commitments, and I believe that as a couple both husband and wife are equals in love, and you share what’s rare. To celebrate your day of togetherness once again, get love bands for your partner. This is the most romantic and exquisite gift option. I am sure your partner will rejoice.

Bouquet | romantic Gift Ideas

Flowers are loved by all. But they are the most common gifting option. To make your anniversary bouquet look unconventional and unique, pair it with chocolates, wine, perfume and candles. Adding these elements will make it more versatile and exquisite. You can opt for multicoloured flowers, monochrome flowers, tulips or orchids instead of going for traditional red roses to make your bouquet different yet classy. 

Everyday photo book | romantic Gift Ideas

I guess you must have heard of this gift option for the first time. This everyday photo book is very personalised and quite unconventional yet a super romantic gift option. This book has pages which can accommodate your pictures. In this book, you can put your picture as a couple daily, and on your next anniversary when you look back, you will have a collection of your everyday moments which will give you ultimate happiness. 

This is the best way to preserve memories from your everyday life and cherish them. You can choose to give this everyday photo book to your partner on your first anniversary to build moments together for the rest of your life. To add a personal touch to this, you can decorate it on your own.

That was all about the unconventional gift ideas. And cover chair will help to decorate chairs, if yo are arranging a party. There can be many more, but these are some that are versatile, unique and romantic. You can choose one from the above and surprise your partner with the same and make them feel special on your first anniversary.

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