25+ Beautiful Ullu Web Series Actress Name with Photos [Updated]

25+ Beautiful Ullu Web Series Actress Name with Photos [Updated]

The Ullu series has the highest demand in the market right now and many new beautiful models are joining the team. The performance of these females is liked by the viewers.

There are numerous new shows that have been added to the official app and many previous series are getting released for free on Youtube which increased the craze of the series. Currently, over 10 million active users watch these series online daily, so you can imagine the popularity of this platform.

Here we are mentioning the best and hottest Ullu actress which have earned much fame with their beauty and acting. These are the top girls who have given many hit series in their careers.

Aliya Naaz

Aliya Naaz

Aliya Naaz is a famous girl who is also known as Misti from Kishanganj, Bihar. She became famous for her role in the show Savitri Devi College and Hospital and has also acted in movies, web series and short films. Aliya Naaz started her career by doing photoshoots and promoting brands and she even participated in the Miss Bihar competition in 2014.

She has a large number of followers on Instagram and Facebook. Recently, she has been starring in exciting web series on Indian streaming platforms like Ullu, Cine Prime and Rabbit app.

NameAliya Naaz
Web Series NameSavitri Devi College & Hospital
Khalish Part 2
Age24 Years
Worked ForUllu, Cine Prime, Rabbit app
Instagram Handle@aliyanaaz_x

Aliya Naaz Biography

Shiny Dixit

Shiny Dixit Ullu

Shiny Dixit is a famous Indian actress who was born in Delhi. She started her acting career after completing her studies in Fashion Designing. Her first TV show was Jodhaa Akbar and she became known for her roles in shows like Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do, Lajwanti and Zindagi Ki Mehek. In the show, she played the character Nehal Sharma.

She has a charming figure with measurements of 34-26-34 which is why she is liked by her fans. Shini has beautiful brown eyes and shiny black hair. Besides acting, Shiny is also passionate about music and she is from the Hindu religion. As of 2023, Shiny is single and she prefers to keep her personal life private. There is no public information about any relationships or boyfriends she might have.

NameShiny Dixit
Web Series NameSultan, Bhul Jaa Tu Mujhe (Music Video), Jurm Aur Jazbaat, Call Center, Ashuddhi, Yeh Dil Thujhe Yaad
Age31 Years
Worked ForUllu, etc
Instagram Handle@shinydixit05

Shiny Dixit Biography

Sneha Paul

Sneha Paul Hot Images

The popular Sneha Paul is a talented model who is well-known for her performances in web series, movies and music videos. She started her acting career with the web series The City and a Girl on Disney+Hotstar, produced by School Bus Production. Sneha also impressed audiences with her item song in the Kannada movie Dream Girl. Recently she appeared in Charmsukh Chawla House and Lihaf. Sneha has an association with popular OTT platforms that allow her to display her beauty and talent in the entertainment industry.

Actress NameSneha Paul
Web Series NameThe City and a Girl
Charmsukh Chawla House
Age28 Years
Worked ForUllu, etc
Instagram Handle@snehapaul588

Neha Vadoliya

Nehal Vadoliya is a talented person from India. She is a model and also a host. She is known for her work in the entertainment world. She has acted in web series like Rang Manch, Gandi Baat 3, Julie, 90 Clock and The Typewriter. This shows that she is good at working in different kinds of roles.

Neha Vadoliya Ullu Actress Image

She has acted in TV shows and web series and people know her work. She even got an award for being the Best Debut Actress. Also, she is active on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Wikipedia. Nehal Vadoliyas journey in the entertainment world keeps going and people like the way she acts.

NameNehal Vadoliya
Web Series NameJulie Season 1, Woodpecker, Dunali, Julie Season 2, Dunali Season 2
AgeNot Known
Worked ForUllu
Instagram Handle@nehalvadoliyaofficial

Simran khan

Simran Khan is a talented person who is famous for acting in Indian web shows. She is from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. When she was growing up, she liked modelling and acting. She started her career in entertainment by doing modelling jobs when she was in school and college. In 2020, she acted in her first Hindi web series, which was her first time working in front of the camera.

But Simran doesn’t only act in web series. She has also been in music videos and TV commercials. This shows that she can do many different things in the entertainment industry. She is doing well in the digital world and has become an important person in online entertainment. People like her acting and how dedicated she is to her work.

NameSimran Khan
Web Series NamePalangtod Caretaker, Lovely Massage Parlor, Palangtod Blackmail, Hotspot Video Calling
Age29 Years
Worked ForNot specified
Instagram Handle@theofficialsimrankhan

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Taniya Chatterjee

Taniya Chatterjee is a talented model and model from India who has become famous for her work in Hindi web series. She comes from Kolkata in West Bengal. She started her journey in the entertainment world in 2020. At first, she worked in the background of TV shows and movies. But she didn’t give up and found her real passion on online streaming platforms, where she became well-known.

Taniya Chatterjee Ullu Web Series Actress Name

One of her big roles was playing Chameli in the Dil Do. This made many people notice her and like her acting. She has acted in more than 50 web series, including famous ones like Kasak, Jaal, Titliyaan, Love Bites and Watchman. Because she works hard and acts well, Taniya Chatterjee is becoming popular in online entertainment. People see her as a new star who’s doing great in the industry.

NameTaniya Chatterjee
Web Series NameKasak, Jaal, Titliyaan, Dil Do, Watchman
Age28 Years
Worked ForNot specified
Instagram Handle@taniya_chatterjee

Anupama Prakash

Anupama Prakash is a famous actress from India known for her strong and interesting acting in web series and movies. She started her career in 2018 with a Tamil movie Avalukkenna Azhagiya Mugam. She became well-known in the industry quickly. In 2019, she came to Mumbai and acted in bold and brave roles in Hindi series like Risknamaa, Riti Riwaj and Lovely Massage Parlor. People talked a lot about her performances and she got a lot of praise.

Anupama Prakash

Anupama Prakash was born on November 17, 1992, in Hamirpur, Uttar Pradesh. She is a talented model who studied arts. After finishing her studies at Delhi University, she started modelling. She also learned Bharatnatyam dance and acting. When she came to Mumbai, she did stage shows and modelling projects. She became even more famous after acting in the web series Riwaj Tijarat Tara on the Ullu app. People liked how brave and strong she was in her acting. This made her well-known in the online world of entertainment.

NameAnupama Prakash
Web Series NameRiti Riwaz Tijarat, Woodpecker, Prabha Ki Diary Dil Se Lekin, Lovely Massage Parlor
Age30 Years
Worked ForUllu, Cine Prime, Rabbit app
Instagram HandleAnupama Prakash (@anupama.prakash)

Nidhi Madhavan

Nidhi Madhavan is a famous and confident person in the world of web series. Many young people like her. She is known for her attractive acting and has worked with famous online platforms like Ullu, Rabbit and Hotshots. People know her because of the work she does. She became well-known after acting in Gandi Baat 6 on Alt Balaji. People loved her a lot in that show.

Nidhi Madhavan

Nidhi is not only in web series, but she also appears in TV ads. She was in a commercial for Disprin tablets. People like her in shows like Lovely Massage Parlor and Chutzpah. Because of this, more and more people are starting to know her and like her. She has a lot of followers on Instagram, about 125,000 and she shares updates about what She is doing. Nidhi Madhavan’s journey is going well and she is becoming a big name in web series. People who like her admire her a lot.

NameNidhi Madhavan
Web Series NameCharamsukh Behrupia, Charamsukh Trapped, The Bull of Dalal Street, Lovely Massage Parlor, Sursuri Li
Age28 Years
Worked ForUllu, Rabbit, Hotshots
Instagram Handle@nidhimahawan

Pamela Mondal

Pamela Mondal is a talented model who has worked in different Indian movies. She started acting in 2009 with a Bengali movie called Kaalbela. After that, she also acted in movies from South India and appeared on TV shows, ads and web series. Pamela has acted in movies from Bengal and Oriya, showing that she can do many different things in acting. She became known for her roles in Hindi web series like Prabha Ki Diary and other projects. This made people notice her and think She is a good model.

Pamela Mondal Ullu actress

One important role she had was in the Hindi web series Prabha Ki Diary in 2020. In that, she acted as Prabha and people liked her acting. Pamela is not limited to just one language, she has shown her acting skills in Bengali, South Indian and Oriya movies as well.

NamePamela Mondal
Web Series NameGhapa Ghap, Prabha Ki Diary Honeymoon Special, Palangtod Kirayedaar
Age29 Years
Worked ForUllu, Cine Prime, Rabbit app
Instagram Handle@pammi111

Shafaq Naaz

Shafaq Naaz is a famous Indian actress who acts in Hindi TV shows. She is well-known for her great work in the entertainment world. Shafaq comes from a Muslim family and has become known for her amazing acting skills. She has acted in many TV shows over the years and has become an important part of the TV industry.

Shafaq Naaz

Her journey from Meerut to the big world of Mumbais TV and movies shows how hardworking and talented she is. She knows Kathak dance and wants to do well. She started acting on TV with the show Bidaai in 2010. Because of her good acting in different roles, she has become respected in the Indian entertainment world.

NameShafaq Naaz
Web Series NameHalala
Age31 Years (As of 2023)
Worked ForBollywood
Instagram Handle@shafaqnaaz777

Aasma Syed

Aasma Syed is a skilled model from India who is known for her work in movies and TV shows. She started her career in movies with the film SOS in 2013. This showed her talent right at the beginning of her career. She also acted in a Telugu movie called Premika in 2017. She loves acting, which is why she tried different things in the entertainment world.

Aasma Syed

Also, she grew up in Mumbai and went to Bombay Cambridge School for her education. She is good at acting in many kinds of roles. She has acted in TV shows that people like a lot, such as Yaaro ka Tashan, Udaan, Jai Maa Vindhyavasini and Zindgi ki Mehek. She also acted in web series like Gandii Baat and Ishq Kills. Aasma Syed loves acting and has acted in many different things, which makes her an important person in the Indian entertainment world.

NameAasma Syed
Web Series NameShubhratri, Ishq Kills, Kaneez
Age28 Years (as in 2020)
Worked ForUllu
Instagram Handle@aasmali1

Kavita Radheshyam

Kavita Radheshyam is a talented model and model from India. She is good at acting in movies and TV shows and she has worked in the Hindi, Kannada and Tamil entertainment industries. People liked her when she played Kavita Bhabhi in a famous web series called Kavita Bhabhi, which you can watch on Ullu. She is been doing this job for more than ten years and she has acted in more than 25 series. She is originally from Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Kavita Radheshyam

She started working in the entertainment world by being in the background of different TV shows and movies. Her journey changed in 2010 when she started acting in the TV show. After facing difficulties and working hard, she started acting in web series and online shows. People liked her acting. She also acted in movies like 5 Ghantey Mien 5 Crore, Ragini IPS, Sheitaan and Ashuddhi.

NameKavita Radheshyam
Web Series NameKavita Bhabhi 1, 2, 3
Age37 Years
Worked ForUllu, Cine Prime, Rabbit app
StatusKavita Radheshyam
Instagram Handle@kavitabhabhi

Ankita Bhattacharya

Ankita Bhattacharyya is a very good singer and was born in September 2002 in Kolkata. Her family loves music. Her mom, Sharshwati, is also a good singer. Even though her mom was young when Ankita was born, her family has other people who are doctors and engineers.

Ankita Bhattacharya Ullu Web Series actress

Ankita started singing when she was little and she became famous in the music world. In 2018-19, she won a big competition called Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and this showed how good she is at singing. She sings in different styles like classical, jazz, rhythm and R&B.

NameAnkita Bhattacharyya
Web Series NameAuction, Riti Riwaz Water Wives, Choodiwala, Matki
Age20 Years
Worked ForSa Re Ga Ma Pa, Dil Hai Hindustani
StatusAnkita Bhattacharyya
Instagram Handle@ankitabofficial

Manvi Chug

Manvi Chugh is a talented model from India. She is known for acting in TV shows and web series. You might have seen her in TV serials like Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Dev Anand and Ishqbaaaz. She became especially famous for acting in web series on the Ullu app, like Woodpecker and Riti Riwaj in 2020.

Manvi Chug

Manvi is not just on TV She is also on the internet. She acted in a Ullu web series called Rikshawala with Jinnie Jaaz and people talked a lot about it in April 2023.

She has shown her talent in modelling contests and fashion shows during her career. She has acted in different kinds of TV shows like Crime Petrol and Crime Alert. She was also in Hindi TV serials like Chandrakanta and Ishqbaaaz. In 2018, she was part of the Zoom TV romantic series Roses Ruses and Romance. She has even been in music videos, like Abhijeet Sawants Tere Dar Par Sanam and the song Babuji Dheere Chalna with Prateeksha Srivastava in 2019. Manvi Chugh is getting more and more famous in the entertainment world and people like her talent and charm.

NameManvi Chugh
Web Series NameRiti Riwaz Love Festival, Charamsukh Sex Education, Woodpecker, Jaghanya Kuttey Ki Maut, Charamsukh Raja Ka Baja, Rikshawala 1 and 2
Age29 Years
Worked ForUllu, Various other productions
StatusManvi Chugh
Instagram Handle@thisismanvi

Naina Chhabra

Naina Chhabra is a new model who is becoming more and more popular because of her pretty looks. A lot of people like her on Instagram and this has made her known in the entertainment world.

Naina Chhabra Ullu Web Series actress

Right now, She is not married and she keeps her personal life private, including any relationships she might have. We don’t know exactly how much money she has, but She is getting well-known in the modelling and acting world. She uses Instagram to talk to her fans and tell them about what She is doing.

NameNaina Chhabra
Web Series NameThe Bull of Dalal Street
Age35 years (as of 2023)
Worked ForNot Available
StatusNot shared
Instagram HandleNot Available

Iira Soni

Iira Soni is a popular model and model on Hindi TV shows. She started acting in a TV serial called Kumkum – Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan, where she played Neeti Damani from 2007 to 2008. People liked her acting when she became Jeena Khurana in the show Desh Ki Beti Nandini in 2013. Her interview on ETime became famous on the internet.

Iira Soni

Soni is known for doing different kinds of roles in TV shows, like Saat Phere: Saloni Ka Safar, Geet – Hui Sabse Parayi and Sawaare Sabke Sapne… Preeto. She has also acted in web series, like Woodpeckers and Charmsukh Role Play. Iira Soni has had some hard times in her entertainment journey. She acted in a bold scene in the web series Woodpecker on Ullu and this got a lot of attention and talk. Even though she had some difficulties, people liked the way she acted and how she was dedicated to her work.

NameIira Soni
Web Series NameWoodpecker, Charamsukh Sauda
Age34 Years
Worked ForHindi TV Serials, Web Series
Instagram Handle(@sone_space

Rajsi Verma

Rajsi Verma is a famous actress who is famous for acting in Hindi web series like Tharkistan, Tantra, Charmsukh Mom and Daughter, Riti Rivaz and more. She was born on October 11th in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India and her zodiac sign is Libra. She went to KES Shroff College for her education.

Rajsi Verma Ullu web series actress

She comes from a Hindu family. Her dad, Shivkumar Verma, is an actor and writer and she has a brother named Ashutosh Shivkumar Verma. She has acted on TV and in movies. On TV, she played Mona Sharma in the Sab TV show Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. She was also in other popular shows like Diya Aur Baati Hum, Har Mushkil Ka Hal Akbar Birbal, Crime Patrol and Papa By Chance. She also acted in Bollywood movies like Beiimaan Love, Ribbon and Jalebi, where she played Sumi Bhabhi. She has done a lot in both TV and movies and She is well-known in the entertainment industry.

NameRajsi Verma
Web Series NameMom and Daughter, Double Dhamaka, Damaad Ji 1 and 2, Charamsukh Tauba Tauba, Tauba Tauba 2, Love Guru 2
AgeNot Available
Worked ForHindi Web Series
StatusRajsi Verma
Instagram Handle@official_rajsi_verma

Ankita Dave

Ankita Dave

Ankita Dave is a famous model and model who is known for appearing in music videos, short films, TV shows and web series. In 2017, she made her debut in the entertainment industry with a music video called Rishta Ho To Aisa. However, she gained more attention after a controversial incident involving a leaked video of her younger brother.

Apart from music videos and TV show appearances, the Ankita Dave is the most watched on the Ullu platform and some popular series are Maal Paani Nagar Vadhu, Chawl House 3 Charmsukh, Kangan, Pathshala Part 2, Matakni ke Matke, Gaachi Part 2 and Gaachi.

In her personal life, Ankita Dave is not married and there is no information available about her boyfriend or relationship status. Ankita Dave is very active on social media and her Instagram account.

NameAnkita Dave
Web Series NameMaal Paani Nagar Vadhu
Chawl House 3 Charmsukh
Pathshala Part 2
Age27 Years
Worked ForUllu, etc
Instagram Handle@ankitadave_1

Ankita Dave Details

Noor Malabika

Noor Malabika Ullu Actress Image

Noor Malabika Das is a gifted model and model from India who is known for her roles in Indian web series. She hails from Mumbai and has received professional education from the Jettwings Institute of Aviation & Hospitality Management. With her fantastic beauty and appealing figure, she has a large following on Instagram, where she shares her striking photos and videos. She has collaborated with several Indian OTT platforms and has appeared in notable web series such as Siskiyaan Season 3 Part 2, Teekhi Chatni and ATM Bhabhi, among others.

NameNoor Malabika Das
Web Series NameATM
Siskiyaan Season 3 Part 2
Teekhi Chatni
Age29 Years
Worked ForUllu, etc
Instagram Handle@noormalabikadas

Noor Malabika Biography

Pihu Singh

Pihu Singh Ullu Actress Image

The popular actress Pihu Singh is a model known for her work in web series and short movies. She has become a popular actress in the industry because of her great performance. She has worked with many online platforms and has impressed audiences with her compelling acting skills.

The most famous series is Palang Tod Naye Padosi which was released on Ullu where she played a lead role. She has also starred in other engaging web series like Watchman, Mardana Sasur and 61-62 Rocket, which was a big hit on Ott. Pihu Singhs’ impressive list of series has made her name top in the industry.

NamePihu Singh
Web Series NamePalang Tod Naye Padosi
Mardana Sasur
61-62 Rocket
Teekhi Chatni
Age29 Years
Worked ForUllu, etc
Instagram Handle@pihu.singh

Pihu Singh Biography

Mahi Kaur

Mahi Kaur Ullu Web Series Actress Image

Mahi Kaur is a model who gained fame for her roles in Ullu app web series such as Palang TodCharmsukh and Rupay 500.

She is from New Delhi and now living in Mumbai, Mahi Kaur started her acting career in 2019 with the web series Beer Boys and Vodka Girls. Apart from acting, she is also a skilled dancer and has a large number of fans on social media. She has worked with multiple OTT platforms.

NameMahi Kaur
Web Series NamePalang Tod
Rupay 500
Lady Finger Part 1, 2
Jalebi Part 3
Worked ForUllu, etc
Instagram Handle@the_holyrebel

Mahi Kaur Biography

Priya Gamre

Priya Gamre Ullu Actress Image

Priya Gamre is a talented model who has become famous in the entertainment industry. She has acted in TV shows, movies in Hindi, Marathi and web series. Since her debut in 2009 with 1 Navra 3 Bayka, she has successfully worked on many films and shows. Priya also appeared in the movie Manikarnika The Queen of Jhansi alongside Kangana Ranaut where she was playing the character Sundra.

She has many fans on social media, where she shares pictures and videos. One of her recent achievements is starring in the fantasy web series Khalish Part 2 with Aliya Naaz and Bhanu Suryam, which can be watched on Indian OTT platforms. Priya has also acted in several other web series, including Gaachi, Charmsukh Majboori, Matki and Shahad, which are available on different platforms like Ullu.

NamePriya Gamre
Web Series Name1 Navra 3 Bayka
Khalish Part 2
Age30 Years
Worked ForUllu, Cine Prime, Rabbit app
StatusPriya Gamre
Instagram Handle@aliyanaaz_x

Flora Saini

Flora Saini has acted in many different kinds of movies. She began her career by taking part in the Miss Kolkata beauty contest. Flora has acted in movies from different places and languages like Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil and Punjabi. She became well-known because of the Bollywood movie Stree, where she played a ghost. People liked her acting in it. She also started acting in online shows with Maid in India and then she acted in web series like Gandi Baat, Inside Edge: Season 1 and Bombers.

During her career, Flora had some problems. She was banned for a short time from acting in Tamil movies because of issues with her visa documents. She also got threats for a movie role and talked about facing harassment from a producer. Despite these problems, she got awards like the Uttarakhand Ratan Award and The Great Daughter of Soil Award for her acting.

NameFlora Saini
Web Series NameWanna Have a Good Time
Age41 Years (as of 2019)
Worked ForUllu
Instagram Handle@florasaini

Mishti Basu

Mishti Basu is an actress and model who has become well-known in the entertainment world, especially in web series. She was born on November 13, 1996, in Kolkata, so now she is 27 years old. she has made a big name for herself in Indian web shows. One of her famous roles was in the Ullu web series Riti Riwaj and she is also been in other popular web series like Charmsukh Salahkaar and Palang Tod. She didn’t start as an actress, she began with modelling and bold photoshoots and that eventually led to her successful acting career.

But Mishti does more than just act. She also shows off her singing talent by performing poems on platforms like Wynk Music. She even has a YouTube channel where she shares episodes of the web series she is been in. She also acted in a short film called Uljhan, which tells a story that’s similar to her own life and her boyfriend, Sagar Kumar, played an important part in making it. With her career going strong, Mishti Basu is becoming a big star in Indian web entertainment.

Thea D’suuza

Thea DSouza also known as Thea DSuuza is an Indian model and actress famous for her work in Bollywood movies. She studied at Mumbai’s prestigious Bombay University, where she got smarter and more charming. She started her career as a model, looking amazing in front of the camera.

But her destiny had bigger plans for her. She smoothly switched to acting and made her debut in a show called Ragini MMS Returns Season 2, which was only available on ALTBalaji. People couldn’t forget her because she was so captivating on screen. They became even more famous when she acted in the exciting Ullu Original series Charmsukh Flat. Her magnetic charm and undeniable sensuality made her a favourite among viewers.

Angel Bhandari

Angel Bhandari is a talented actress and model from Kolkata, West Bengal, India. She has made a big impact on Hindi TV with her great work. She got famous for playing Neha Jaiswal in the Ullu web series called Cat Lady.

Her journey in showbiz began when she joined a reality show called Skulls and Roses in 2019. At first, she worked in the background on TV shows and movies. But she didn’t give up and eventually found her place on online streaming platforms. That’s where she became super popular, especially for her role in Cat Lady.

Besides her successful career, Angel is known for being active on social media, especially Instagram, where she has a lot of followers. She is also a dog lover and enjoys hobbies like travelling and listening to music. Angel’s dedication and talent have made her a rising star in the Indian entertainment world and people are excited to see what she does next.

Shreya Tyagi

Shreya Tyagi is a successful actress and model from Panchkula, Haryana, India. She has made a big impact in the Hindi entertainment world. She became famous for her role as Ashi in the web series Charmsukh on the Ullu platform.

At first, she worked as a background artist in TV shows and movies. She faced challenges but didn’t give up. She switched to online streaming platforms to start her acting career. In 2020, she started acting in the series Bye2. People loved her in popular shows like Charmsukh and The Rapist. Apart from acting, Shreya Tyagi is big on social media, especially Instagram, where she has a lot of followers. She is also an animal lover and shares pictures with her furry friends online.

Aayushi Jaiswal

Aayushi Jaiswal is an Indian actress and model who made a big impact in the entertainment world. She was born on August 27, 1996, in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. People know her for her roles in popular web series like Hotspot Charr Charr on the Ullu App.

She started her acting career with a short film called Marital Abuse and then acted in web series on different platforms like Ullu, Hotshots, Balloons, Flizz Movies and Nuiflix. People love her performances and she has a lot of dedicated fans.

Besides acting, Aayushi Jaiswal is also a social media influencer. She has a lot of followers on Instagram, where she talks to her fans. Her career is going well and with her talent and hard work, she is a big name in the Indian web entertainment world.

Pihu Sharma

Pihu Sharma, also known as Peehu Kanojia, is a talented Indian actress and model who has become famous for her work in Hindi web series. She is well-known for her roles in shows on OTT platforms like Ullu, Boom Movies and Kooku. Some of her popular series include Sursuri-li, Charmsukh (Tawa Garam), Kurta and Kulta, which got a lot of attention and captivated viewers on these platforms.

Pihus’s journey in the entertainment world started with small roles in TV shows, music videos and short films. Because of her stunning looks and great acting, she is become a big name in the Indian web entertainment scene. Pihu Sharma is also famous on social media, especially on Instagram, where she has many followers.

Ruks Khandagale

Ruks Khandagale, also known as Rukmani Khandelwal, is an Indian actor and model. She is mainly known for her work in adult films and web series. She was born on January 10 in Pune, Maharashtra. She went to Swami Vivekanand International School in Mumbai for her school and then she studied at Navneet College of Arts, Science & Commerce in Mumbai.

Right now, she is not married, but there are rumours about her being in a relationship with an Indian actor named Shakespeare, who is known for his roles in adult films and web series. In her career, Ruks has made a name for herself as both a model and an actor. she is been in magazines like Bollywood Fox and has done lots of print ads and photoshoots. she is acted in various adult Hindi web series like Faasla (2020, Hotshots), Ghaat Ghaat Kaa Pani (2020, Nuefliks), Palang Tod (2020, Ullu), Rikshawala (2023, Ullu) and Pyaar Idhar Udhar (2023, Wow Entertainment). she is also been in TV mini-series like Samne Wali Khidki (2022, Ullu), Takk (2022, Ullu), Ishqiyapa (2022, Ullu) and Dhanno Doodhwali (2023, Cine Prime).

Amika Shail

Amika Shail, also known as Gitashree Shail, is a talented Indian who is known for both acting on TV and singing. She was born on November 12, 1992, in Howrah, West Bengal. She got her love for classical music from her mom. She started singing when she was just 5 years old and even appeared on TV when she was 9 in a show called Little Champs. Later, she was in the Bengali version of SaReGaMaPa.

She went to the University of Calcutta and then moved to Mumbai after finishing college. Her singing career took off when she took part in shows like Saregamapa, Indian Idol and Voice of India. Nowadays, Kellie Pickler fans and followers often ask why did kellie pickler stop singing .She didn’t stop there and also got into acting. In 2014, she started acting in the Colors TV show Udaan. She is been in popular TV shows like Naagin, Divya Darshan and Baalveer Returns.

Besides acting, Amika has lent her beautiful voice to various projects, like the theme song for the IPL in 2016 and the movie Wedding Anniversary. She also tried out a web series and appeared in ALT Balajis Gandii Baat 5 in 2020.

Anushka Srivastav

Anushka Srivastava is a well-known Ullu actress who has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. She was born on October 29, 1997, in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She started her Bollywood journey with a supporting role in the movie Sirf in 2008. Anushka has also appeared in Hindi TV serials like Gori Tera Gaon Bada Pyara, Hamari Wali Good News, Queens Hai Hum and Savdhaan India. She is not just an actress, she is also a successful model.

Apart from acting, she is also a social media influencer, especially on platforms like TikTok, where she has a lot of fans. Anushka is multi-talented, she can dance, sing and swim. With her cute and pretty looks, she is admired by young people and has become a well-known model, appearing in various commercials. She has also shown her versatility by being part of the music album Tu Rab Ki Meher, sung by Altaaf Sayyed and playing an important role in the TV show Hamari Wali Good News in 2020, which was aired on Zee TV.

Ambika Shukla

Ambika Shukla is a well-known Indian actress and model in the Hindi entertainment industry. She was born on October 12, 1997 in Lucknow and comes from a middle-class Hindu family. She studied engineering at SRCM before deciding to follow her passion for acting.

Ambika’s acting journey began in 2022 with the web series Paglet 2. She gained recognition for her role as the Gym Receptionist in the popular Ullu web series Takk. She’s also been part of other successful TV series like What The F!!! Season 2, Chull Paani Chalka and Jhol Jhal.

Ambika Shukla has a strong presence on social media, especially Instagram, where she has a lot of followers who are captivated by her charm and talent. Outside of her career, she enjoys reading, travelling and listening to music. She’s also known for her love of dogs.

Abha Paul

Aabha Paul is a famous Indian actress and model known for her bold roles in movies and web series. She was born on August 7, 1989, in Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh. Her modelling career started in 2005 and she took part in the Miss Delhi contest in 2006. Aabha became well-known as a model and worked with famous fashion designers like Ritu Beri, Manish Malhotra and Anurag Jaiswal. She did modelling for brands like Kotak Mahindra, Romance Perfume and PP Jewelers. In 2008, she appeared in a music video by Mika Singh called Dunalli.

A big turning point in her career was when she acted in the Indian film Kamasutra 3D in 2013. This movie was shown at the Cannes Film Festival and her bold performance got a lot of praise from critics. Aabha also acted in the Tamil film Taste in 2017 and the ALT Balaji web series Gandi Baat Season 3 in 2019, where she played the sensual character of ‘Mami’ in the second episode. She’s known for her versatile acting skills and her willingness to take on different kinds of roles, which makes her a promising talent in the entertainment world.

See the complete list below.

  • Aliya Naaz
  • Priya Gamre
  • Aishwarya Agrawal
  • Pihu
  • Rajsi Verma
  • Noor Malabika
  • Khushi Mukherji
  • Priya Mishra
  • Neha Gupta
  • Love Prit Kaur
  • Payal Patil
  • Himanshu Sharma
  • Bharti Jha
  • Mahi Kaur
  • Bhanu Suryam
  • Anupam Gahoi
  • Anita Jaiswal
  • Ishika Bose
  • Smita Paul
  • JayShree Gaikwad
  • Pihu Sharma
  • Jaspreet Gera
  • Ruks Khandagale
  • Manvi Chugh
  • Hiral Radadiya
  • Ashraf Saifee
  • Aayushi Jaiswal
  • Shyna Khatri
  • Ankita Singh
  • Shakespeare
  • Taniya Chatterjee
  • Aritaa Paul
  • Poonam Rajput
  • Nikhil Parmar
  • Nita Sharma
  • Vishal Bhatt
  • Avnish Chaudhary
  • Leena Singh
  • Dev Dehman
  • Vihaan Kapoor
  • Tarakesh Chauhan
  • Sohail Shock
  • Jatin Bhatia
  • Donna Munshi
  • Maahi Khan
  • Shivangi Roy
  • Mukund Kapahi
  • Muskaan Agarwal
  • Amit Pachori
  • Hema
  • Honey Trap
  • Sharad Ghore
  • Saurabh Rana
  • Dhiraj Kumar Rai
  • Shiny Dixit
  • Vaanya Singh
  • Hritik Yadav
  • Natasha Rajsewari
  • Mahi Kaur
  • Pallavi Debnath
  • Peeyush Suhaney
  • Kajal Jha
  • And the names are updated here regularly.

You can find all the new actresses in the series which are frequently released on the Ullu app. The platform keeps releasing new series every week and you can save yourself updated by visiting their official YouTube channel where they post new promos and free content.

Viewers keep demanding new girls there as they listen to the demands of the public. You can follow these cute actresses on social media to know their upcoming series too and also to know when they will come again in the new series.


Which is the most beautiful actress in Ullu?

Noor Malbika, Sneha Paul and Aayushi Jaiswal are the most beautiful and have the highest ratings.

Is Noor Malbika Cute?

Yes, Noor Malbika is the most loved actress in Ullu who has worked in many series till now.

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