TV Wall Mounting Brisbane: 5 Major Benefits of Mounts over Stands

TV Wall Mounting Brisbane: 5 Major Benefits of Mounts over Stands

Queensland’s capital city Brisbane has grown to become Australia’s third-largest city. Statista reports over one-fifth of Aussies own home appliances such as flat-screen TVs, and they’re more common in metro areas like Brisbane.

Brisbanites who purchase new flat-screen TVs will need to consider tv wall mounting brisbane options. This is the main installation option besides TV stands. While TV stands are easier to install, wall-mounting provides many benefits worth considering.

From making a decision that you intend to purchase a brand-new TV, to ultimately turning it on enjoy your preferred flicks, TV programs, sporting activities, and also the news, there are a number of action in between. Some of them could be noticeable, such as choosing what display size you need, what kind of features you desire, and what brand of TELEVISION you need to pick. However there are some smaller sized points to likewise keep an eye out for, such as exactly how you want to place your brand-new tv.

There are 2 significant options right here: wall-mounting as well as stand-mounting. In this overview, we’ll explore the benefits as well as drawbacks of both approaches of mounting your TV, and aid you decide which of the two is finest for you.

What is a stand mount?

The most convenient as well as quickest way to establish your TELEVISION up, stand placing or table placing entails placing your TV on a level surface. This is usually a TELEVISION stand or table of moderate elevation, which will elevate the TELEVISION to a reasonable degree for you to view. Many flat-screen Televisions today– whether LED, OLED or Plasma– featured a base stand, which holds the TELEVISION upright and stable. This can either be a wide base with a single stem, or legs on either end of the bottom.

TELEVISION wall mounting described

As the name suggests, wall surface installing is attaching your TV straight to a wall surface. Wether in your living room or room, you can position the TELEVISION on a wall surface throughout from your seats, permitting you to view from a convenient position.

Saves Floor Space

Build Search reports the average Australian living room is about 25m2. Saving space is especially important if you’re installing the TV in a small room. In that case, it’s important to maximise how much floor space you save when adding items such as furniture, appliances, and décor. A wall-mounted TV takes up no floor space, so it’s as efficient as possible.

While entertainment centres can house TVs, the home appliances take up lots of space. You could free up space by mounting the TV. This provides a larger area for stereo systems, gaming consoles, and so on. This is especially important in today’s smart homes with more connected devices.

Prevents Bird’s Nest of Cables

While much of today’s electronics are wireless, some still require them. The good news is TV wall mounts can help to eliminate cable clutter.

Since the mounts provide no storage space, you can connect devices to your TV set using HDMI-wired outlets. Thus, you won’t have wires hanging down behind the TV, which can cause a big mess. Besides being unsightly, cables can also cause another possible safety issue from kids or pets running around.

Customised Viewing Height/Angle

You can easily adjust these features when wall-mounting your HD or UHD TV, for example. Professional installers can help to determine the TV’s ideal height to provide the best experience possible. You can also tilt the viewing angle if you’re watching TV while cooking in the kitchen, for example.  

Accident Prevention

TV sets are quite heavy, so it’s important to minimise risks as part of the overall goal of childproofing your home. Due to their size and weight, flat-screen TVs could pose a safety issue for kids and pets in your home if not wall-mounted.

Consider that a typical 32-inch flat-screen TV weighs between 25 to 30 pounds (11 to 13 kg). This makes it a possible safety hazard if your tots or pets are playing in the area. Larger TV sets such as 150-inch TVs pose a greater danger since they’re heavier.

Meanwhile, professional TV wall mounting will use sturdy mounts/brackets to fasten the unit to the wall. Once the TV set is securely attached to the wall, it’s solid as a rock, so you won’t have to worry about it becoming a safety issue.

Built for Mounting

Another important issue to consider is that flat-screen TVs are actually built for mounting. Professional installers will have all the knowledge and experience to make sure the job is done correctly and efficiently.

If you’ve purchased a flat-screen TV, then one of the installation options is wall mounting through tv wall mounting brisbane professionals. This can provide various benefits related to saving space, better TV viewing, and a safer home.

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