Top Three Benefits of a Merged CompTIA Network+ and A+ Course

Top Three Benefits of a Merged CompTIA Network+ and A+ Course

Are you planning to pursue a career in IT and a well-paying job? If so, you already know about the CompTIA IT certification courses. If not, there is nothing to worry about. The CompTIA Network+ and A+ are the basis of starting your career in the IT sector. It does not matter if you are a fresh graduate just out of college or an IT enthusiast, who would like to switch from an irrelevant job to one in the IT industry.

According to an article published in Mashable, the CompTIA courses are some of the best certifications, as per government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

You can take up both the courses and for all the right reasons. Read on to learn more.

1. Get the required certification quickly

As far as job search is concerned, time is the most essential aspect to consider. You will need time to search for suitable employment, applying for the job, attending the interview, especially when you have a job, but want to switch to an IT job.

When you take up a combined course, you can get the required certification in less time and not spend a year or two taking individual courses. Did you know that many employers are looking for candidates, who have the combined certification?

When you apply for a combined certification, you need to stay highly committed so that your hard work pays off when finding the best job quickly.

2. A combined course is easy on your budget

When you choose a combined CompTIA Networking Certification course, you would like to nag the first job without creating a dent in your wallet. When you take up Network+ and A+ as a merged course, it would give you the best return on your investment with your career growth.

Taking a combined class has instant and long-term benefits financially. When it comes to short-term advantages, a combined course will give you an instant discount, which means you save on your course fee. This is not possible if you take up the A+ and Network+ individually.

When you take a combined course, you pay approximately $2,495. Again, when you take the classes individually, you need to shell out $1,450 for each course. Therefore, the combined course saves you $405.

Soon, a combined course will benefit you economically because you will get a job with a fat paycheck.

3. Work in the IT industry with a higher position

When you take up a combined course, you will get a senior position in an IT firm with a higher paycheck. This is not possible if you take the A+ and then the Network+ one at a time. In the IT sector, initial salaries are average, but if you have more training and experience, you can expect higher positions with better paychecks.

When you invest in a combined course, your first job will recover the expenses quickly when you grab a job with a senior position.


The combined class is not for all because you will need to stay committed. It is a fast-paced learning atmosphere and you should have the potential to master new skill sets.

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