Top Summer Retreats Near Mumbai

Top Summer Retreats Near Mumbai

No matter which age group you belong to, the oncoming of the summer brings a relentless feeling of escape. For us, summer has always meant vacations to our relatives’ home or off to an adventure with the family. However, as we grow up, we realize that it is impossible to get away from the hustle of life for weeks. Though, that does not mean you need to silence your wanderlust. Fuel it by visiting the most happening retreats around Mumbai. 

These locations are picked for their easy access, availability of various amenities that one looks for while on a holiday, and sheer enchanting beauty. Plan your next weekend getaway by booking a Mumbai car rental and hitting the road. 


Yes, the place is hyped way too much for its own good, but the hype is not without reason. Dotted with breath-taking waterfalls, lakes, and hills, Lonavala is the first choice for hikers and trekkers to put their body into motion. You can visit well-known spots such as Tiger’s Leap and Rajmachi Fort to indulge in the natural beauty of the place. For your second day, you can hit it off at Imagica and have the time of your life atop various roller coasters and rides. 


For people in search of the calming serenity that water bodies tend to have, Kamshet is one of the best spots located no more than 100 km away from Mumbai. The strong breeze that frequents the place will put you in a good mood instantly. Shrouded in the lap of nature between the hills of Lonavala and Khandala, Kamshet is known as the Paraglider’s Paradise. Popular among adventure seekers, the place offers, you guessed it, a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience of paragliding and trekking. Meet the sky as you touch the top of Shinde Wadi Hills.


What is the one thing that you hate about your city life? Is it the blaring vehicles that never seem to stop? Well then, Matheran is just the place for you. The place does not allow any vehicles inside its parameters, making it unique in its own aspect. The pristine and untouched beauty that Matheran carries in its lap provides a great getaway from the ordinary life of the city. You can either choose to relax and take a fresh breath in India’s smallest hill station or head out to various tourist spots such as Louisa point, Charlotte Lake, and Monkey Point. 

Malshej Ghat 

Indulge in the rich history of Maharashtra this weekend by visiting the ancient Malshej Ghat. Home to Shivneri Fort, the birthplace of Chhatrapati Shivaji, the place is no less than a heaven. You can also find Buddhist caves pertaining to the third century and marvel at the history of humanity. Malshej Ghat is a hotspot for enthusiasts of trekking. 

Saputara, Gujarat

Are you in the mood to leave the Maharashtra border behind? Located 244 km away from Mumbai, Saputara can be the perfect option for you. The place gives a much-needed respite from the terrible heat of Mumbai, even during the months of peak summer. Also known as Abode to Serpents, you can hit the Hatgadh Fort or Vansda National Park to fill your trip with excitement. 
Leave the hustle of calls, pollution, and your regular life behind this weekend. With various options for affordable Mumbai taxi, you can make sure that your trip quenches your wanderlust at least until you plan your next one!

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