Top 5 reasons to choose Indian area rugs

Top 5 reasons to choose Indian area rugs

There is no about that Indian area rugs have a certain kind of charm that encapsulates every person who looks at it. A little bit modern and a lot traditional, these rugs are one of a kind. Several places in India are appreciated for their unique design of area rugs. From floral design to an impression of the Mughals in the pattern, every floor rug that’s made in India is special. Special for the people who make it and the buyers who own it. If you are also one of those people who is extensively looking for an area rug, wait up. Don’t make a quick decision. Before you venture out into other countries and discover their rugs, take a deeper look into India and you will find the best Indian area rugs in the world.

Don’t trust us? Don’t worry. We will surely convince you. Here are the top reasons why you need to choose Indian rugs over any other.


For every design you think you would want to look at, you will have an Indian area rug made for it. You name the design of the rug, India has it. This is specifically because India is not restricted when it comes to the manufacturing of rugs. There are several locations across the country like Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan, Agra, and beyond that serve as a hotspot for making quality rugs. From modern looking to traditional rugs, the rug makers here leave no stones unturned. All you need to do is either visit an Indian rug seller online or visit the markets of these places and you will be overwhelmed with the quantity and quality of rugs you will find. So, why go any other place when you can just visit your nearest state famous for rug and shop.


A majority of rugs made in India are hand made. The tradition of making rugs manually has been in the country for white some time now. It is a skill that has been passed down from ancient times in families. Although the number of authentic rug makers is only a few, they teach their learnings to budding artists and help them expand the horizon of rug making. So, you can be sure that there will be no quality issued if you buy an authentic area rug from India. Moreover, the quality of rug is also at par. A lot of the material that is used to make it is produced locally in India. This ranges from cotton to wool and more. So, where there is good quality material, there is a good quality product.


Indian rugs are exported across the globe. As it crosses borders its price increases quite profoundly. But, if you happen to visit a local market that sells an authentic rug, the amount of bargain you can get on an area rug can be massive. In other words, yes, the price of Indian area rugs is a little high but if you buy from the right place, you can get a better deal.


There is no question that Indian area rugs last long. It goes back to the same point about the kind of material used to make the rug. If the right quality is used the rug lasts for much longer. And Indian rug makers only use high-quality material. So, you can be sure that the rug will stay strong for years to come. It is also necessary that you consider how you will be using the rug. If you keep a rig in a high traffic area, no matter how strong it is, it will start to fade after a couple of years.


The maintenance cost of a general Indian area rug is far less than any other. The high-quality material and strong knotting works make sure that there is no extra maintenance work required at least for a couple of years from the purchase. However, as an owner, you should use proper precautions and cleaning mechanisms at least once a year to make sure the rug is cleaned thoroughly. You can also use various products that are readily available in the market to clean the rug yourself at least once a month.

So, it is apparent that you need to buy Indian area rugs, there is no denying that. If you are still not convinced, visit sites like and discover the various collections of Indian rugs. You will surely be impressed. All the best!

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