Top 5 Pokemon Rom hacks

Top 5 Pokemon Rom hacks

We all know the character of Pokemon. We have all already watched many Pokemon shows and video. But today there is a lot of Pokemon games on the internet. The Pokemon game community has been creating in 2000, many people create unofficial Pokemon games using different types of software. These games are known as Pokemon ROM hacks. It is very easy to play similar to original games, and quite interesting too.

Like consider an official Pokemon red game, 1 creator make a ROM hack for Pokemon red game. You know the difference is a little bit change in levels of the games. And some Pokemon game creators also change the storyline of the game as well. That’s how you have many and multiple types of variations in a game.

Why do people want to use Best Pokemon Rom hacks, because they find the best part in this, they can play the game on any device just using the appropriate emulator.

Basically, emulators are the software that helps to run the ROM games from your device. So you can play the game through your Smartphone android/IOS, laptop, or computer.

So let’s know about Pokemon Rom hacks. You can check it out through the heading which is related to the poke community website.

1. Pokemon Light Platinum Version

This Pokemon light Platinum is one of the famous Rom hacks. Most people prefer to play this version, and it’s totally a GBA game. So you can play it with GBA emulators.

Best Pokemon ROM Hacks

Pokemon Light Platinum is a very interesting game, you will definitely enjoy it. This game also has a region which is called Zhery Region, and in this game you can catch all Pokemon.

2. Pokemon Dark Rising Version-

This is a fan-made game that was created by the team of DarkRisingGirl. They used the Pokemon fire red ROM, this one is my favorite Pokemon ROM hack.

Best Pokemon ROM Hacks 1

There is no comparison between dark rising Pokemon Rom hacks. Many people crazy fan of this game, in this game you have to play a character who save all world.

This Pokemon Rom hacks dark rising has 2 versions that you can play easily, and the second version name is the dark rising Kazio version.

3. Pokemon dark rising version 2-

Once you played Dark rising, you really need to play dark rising version 2 also, this is the sequel of dark rising and in the 2nd part, and they continue their story, which is based on Pokemon fire red ROM hacks.

Pokemon dark rising version 2 is much more interesting game, in this anyone can catch and meet all the Pokemon which are available in the game, this game is best for those people who are looking for new Pokemon Rom hacks, and then they must try it.                           

4. Pokemon Glazed and blazed glazed version-

This Pokemon Rom hack is totally based on the Pokemon emerald version; you can play like a 12-year-old kid who has the aim to become the best Pokemon trainer.

Best Pokemon ROM Hacks 1

Recently, they launched this game with completely Pokemon Rom hacks, the central region of this game is Tunod, you need to make your way through this region to reach Johto.

When this game was released, fans thought that was lacking in the game, so that’s why they improved the Glazed and blazed version, it is quite similar to the previous one but it is a kind of tough game, you can try this game it is very interesting.

5. Pokemon Resolute version-

This is one of the best Pokemon Emerald version which earned a lot of success and popularity, as we know every Pokemon ROM game start your journey with a small city but after some time, the evil try to bring chaos to the region, then along with your way, you will see battle each of its members.

You need to beat them with your skills and strategies; you have to stop evils for regional peace.

I found that all these are very interesting, and all have a different quality which is quite popular, must try all these Pokemon Rom hacks, you will love it.

Anyway, should you choose to attempt one of these games, please be sure to try them. Keep in mind to always use the proper ROM hacker emulator. Do not forget to patch them properly so that they are ready to play and make sure that some of these games are cheated if you want that. It has an intriguing unique story, although not the traditional story of becoming a master of Pokemon, yet it is still there. Gaia has a lot of visual aesthetics, like many of the hacks on this list.

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