Tips to Learn to Play the Piano Songs Faster

Tips to Learn to Play the Piano Songs Faster

East Northport hosts musical concerts from time to time, and pianists make a typical appearance in them, whether as a solo player or part of the ensemble. So, living in a town where music fills the air can be a natural motivation. It can make you feel attracted to a particular instrument and try a hand at that. Since the piano has that inimitable royal aura about it, you can plan to gain skills in this. Besides, it is easier also to play piano in the early stages compared to others. No matter what, it is customary to worry about how soon you can play your favorite song when you sit on the piano.

Self-learning at home or attending a music school can play a huge role in this. East Northport piano instructions from professional teachers can help you reach your goal faster. While individual learning abilities matter, you can expect them to carve an appropriate path for this based on your needs. And it can have a tremendous impact on the outcome. However, the methods of going about it can be different. For example, you can divide this process into two parts – 1) learning notes of a song to play them, and 2) memorizing a song, so you don’t have to look at the sheet music. Let’s see how to achieve these things.

Reading and Playing Piano Songs

As mentioned, every teacher can have their way of instructing a student. Some can train you to use your right hand first until the end of the song before going to the left hand and then together. While it is the most common practice, some instructors can segment the music into 1 to 2 bars. They can make you practice this for five times with left hand, and when you become comfortable, you can repeat the cycle with the right hand for the same number of time. Once done, you can put both your hands on the keys and practice playing the same bars five times. The process can go on unless you become comfortable with the tempo, though.

As soon as you master the first 1 to 2 bars, you can move on to the next segment and follow the same technique. Thus, progressing from a tiny piece to another doesn’t create pressure on the mind. At the same time, you somewhat become familiar with playing the piano with both hands instead of remaining clueless for the entire time unless you hit this level.

However, it is essential to remember that it is only one style. There are many learning styles and patterns that your music school teacher in East Northport would know. Therefore, you can trust them to find the simplest way for your type of aspiration. Still, you cannot discount the fact that regular practice at home after receiving guidance from a music teacher is also indispensable. It can strengthen your grip on the song. But another component that is equally critical here is memorizing a song.

Memorizing Your Favorite Piano Song

To remember a song with all heart, you can stick to recalling a musical piece in small chunks without looking at the sheet music. Also, ear training can help you hit the notes the way it sounds. Besides, you can focus on fingering and the physical movements involved in playing the song. Finally, repeat the song in your head and go through the sheet music when you are not at the piano.

To make things simpler, you have to cultivate a combination of these habits to get started in a favorable direction. Pay attention to each moment of chords and intervals that you play in the song. Observe the harmonies. If you think you have got it, test a small section of a piece to understand whether you could play it without stealing a glance at the sheet music. Let it assimilate in you how you changed fingering, wrist movement, and hand position while practicing. Once again, test everything to find whether you needed to look at the sheet music to guess the next move or not. Play by ear by focusing on the sound of every note and chord.

The more you practice this, the more you will allow the song to settle in your mind. Then, your observation of little nuances will help you have a smooth transition from one passage to another.

Nevertheless, you must not rush through this just because you desired to play a song faster. It can be disheartening if you don’t get the speed you aimed for from the beginning. But listen to your teachers in East Northport who train so many others throughout the day.  While it may take a longer time for a few students to pick it up, one should focus on the journey and enjoy the learning process.

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