Tips To Fix Vape Popping and Spitting

Tips To Fix Vape Popping and Spitting

Vape popping and spitting is a significant problem experienced by new and seasoned vapers alike. The issue of vape spit-back is widespread among vape devices that use sub-ohm tanks.

Right off the bat, it’s important to emphasize that there’s no magic solution to vape popping and spitting problems. However, there are specific tips that you can implement to minimize the effects of this unpleasant phenomenon so you can enjoy your vaping experience to the fullest.

In this post, we uncover everything there is to know about vape popping and spitting.

What Is Vape Spitting?

Vape spitting, also known as vape spit-back, refers to the phenomenon where super-hot droplets of e-juice shoot into your mouth while you’re vaping.

As we’ve just mentioned, the problem of vape spit-back is common among vaporizers that utilize sub-ohm tanks or RDA coil firing. So, it is no surprise that one of the effective ways to manage this problem is by investing in vaporesso mods collection or other high-quality vape tanks. More on this later on.

It’s also worth noting that the issue of vape spitting emanates from within the device.

What Is Vape Popping?

Vape popping refers to the popping sound that usually accompanies vape spit-backs. The intensity of this popping sound depends on how much your vaporizer is spitting back.

Sometimes, you may experience spit-backs with no perceptible sounds. As the spit-backs get more intense, so does the popping sound increase.

What Causes Vape Spitting and Popping?

The primary reason your vaporizer is spitting and popping is that e-liquid pools up on the coils, but instead of being vaporized, the liquid gets “cooked.” As a result, you inhale e-liquid droplets instead of vapor.

The underlying cause of coil flooding is usually worn-out coils and wicking material. Note that on a long enough timeline, the wicking material will caramelize after atomizing sugary e-juice for some time. The resultant caramelization reduces the ability of the wicks to soak up vape juice. So, the e-liquid ends up flooding the coils instead of getting vaporized.

Besides flooded vape coils, overenthusiastic priming might also cause your vaporizer to spit. Priming refers to the act of introducing your vape coils to vape juice, either before or during installation. It happens when you’ve purchased a new vaporizer or replaced your old coil with a new one.

The process involves dripping a few drops of e-liquid into the wicking holes. That way, the holes get soaked well enough by the time you fill your vape tank. But when you drip large amounts of vape juice into the coils, you risk experiencing spit-backs.

Tips To Prevent Vape spit-backs

1.      Use Thicker E-Juice

Most e-juices contain four essential ingredients. They include vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), nicotine, and flavorings.

The thickness of e-liquids depends on the ratio of vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol. Note that PG is thinner than VG. Therefore, vape oils formulated with higher PG than VG are likely to flood your coils.

So, if you experience spit-backs, you might want to switch to a high-VG e-juice.

2.      Don’t Overprime Your Coils

Priming vape coils is a necessary procedure you must undertake before using the coils for the first time. But if you drip too much e-liquid into the wicking holes, you only risk getting the coil flooded.

In most cases, one to three drops per hole will suffice.

If you realize that you’ve dropped too much, try to pulse the fire button a few times before you inhale from the device. Alternatively, fill the vape tank directly and allow for a few hours for the wicks to thoroughly soak up before firing the device.

3.      Inhale Softly

Drawing from a vaporizer too forcefully only pulls up more e-juice into the heating chamber, thereby encouraging flooding.

So, consider inhaling more softly instead.

Should the problem persist, try reducing your airflow setting. But be sure not to draw too forcefully to compensate for the smaller airflow, worsening the situation.

4.      Change Your Coils, Vape Tanks, or Wicking Material

Most rebuildable coils have a multi-strand design that increases the risks of vape spit-backs. The problem is usually worse for twisted coils.

So, if you experience spit-backs, you should probably replace your twisted coils with round wire ones.

In the same breath, shun sub-ohm tanks have also been shown to encourage vape spitting and popping. If the problem persists, consider re-wicking your coils.

5.      Change Your Drip Tips

The design of particular mouthpieces, such as the 510 drip tip, may encourage spit-backs. If you’re using such drip tips, you might want to switch to angled designs.

Angled designs make it harder for the spitting droplets to get to your mouth. And the longer the curved design, the more effective it is at preventing spit-backs.

Final Word

Vape spit-backs can affect your vaping experience adversely. The hot, agitated e-juice droplets that shoot up the drip tip into your mouth may cause pain and discomfort on your mouth and tongue.

Fortunately, you can implement the tips mentioned above to mitigate the effects of vape spit-backs.

As a bonus point, remember to clean your vaporizer regularly to keep it in peak condition. Also, practice moderate vaping. And most importantly, understand your local vaping laws before owning or using a vaporizer.

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