Tips to design and style your patio like a Pro

Tips to design and style your patio like a Pro

Maybe your patio might benefit from a splash of color, a few more flowers and foliage, or a bit of fragrance. You could be looking for outdoor furniture in order to convert your deck into a room you can relax in whenever the weather is cozy? There is so much to inspire your design, from choosing the perfect materials to understanding patio layouts and making your space appear lovely all year round, especially in spring. In this article, you will find everything about how you make your patio area more beautiful.

Pavers are a good choice for patio

Patio pavers are popular choices for backyards. With their beautiful, custom paving solutions, you get an installation that goes quickly and can be used immediately once they’re done. Pavers allow for a lot of design creativity and can be used on small or large patios. Stone, brick, or concrete pavers are used to pave patios. But after installing patios to maintain their beauty, it is necessary to clean them at least once a year. Here we will guide you that how you can maintain them to make them durable and long-lasting.

Clean patio pavers regularly.

Clean them by using the pressure washer. Pressure washers help you remove all dirt from your pavers with water and soap suds. Use a nozzle attached to the wand for cleaning brick or stone pavers with narrow spaces between the joints. If there are weeds growing among the pavers, then clean the lawn first. Remove all dirt from the patio by using a broom and then wash it off to remove. This patio pavers cleaning guide at Atlantic Brick & Stone blog is also helpful. 

Patio in spring

Make necessary changes during spring, like removing snow from the surface of your patio if you have any. Cleaning is done once with a pressure washer in order to get rid of all dirt or mud on your decks. It will make your patio look new again, and also, clean air will come into your home through ventilation holes that were present before installing patio pavers earlier.  

Adjust Ground Covers 

Bring plants inside pots indoors and replace them with winter ground covers. Other than this, cover the soil as well with loose mulch. It protects roots from freezing. Along with this, wrap the trunks of any trees with burlap or rags that will keep them warm and damp for several months or until spring comes.

Cooling your Patio 

Install awnings to shade hot and sunny areas of the patio. Also, you can cool the patio by adding plants such as ferns, ivy, bamboo, and shrubs that help in cooling the area around brick pavers in the summer season. 

Setting up Patio Furniture 

During spring, if you’ve stored away all your patio furniture during winter storage, set it up outside now. Add cushions and accessories to make them attractive again after cleaning them with soap suds or detergent solution and allowing them dry in the sun. If you could not maintain patio furniture during winter, then set it up now to make your place look good and welcoming again after spending a long time indoors with your family.

Patio Decor  

You can replace heavy pots or fountains placed on them earlier with lighter ones made of wrought iron in order to make the patio appear lighter. Also, you can change decking materials for more appealing material if dry rot was found during an inspection by damaged woodworks such as posts and beams while cleaning them off outdoor furniture covers after winter storage. Use new stain products like concrete sealers that will help seal cracks & crevices around pavers which relieves moisture from coming under the surface of cement & protect them from erosion and decay.

You can also change patio fixtures; for example, you can change the old lighting system with a new one like solar lights to save electricity bills. You need to repair all the things properly in order to be ready for the summer season.

Eliminate Weeds 

In spring, weeds are developed, so eliminate weeds by using weed killer spray on your patio, or you can use herbicides as well. After cleaning off weeds, now water the soil deeply, which helps prevent drought during the summer season, known as the year’s hot season. Delay until it rains again if you don’t want to water them yourself. If watering is necessary, ensure that you’re not applying too much pressure over a small area because it may break up.

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