Tiny Home Ideas: The 5 Best Storage Ottomans That Money Can Buy

Tiny Home Ideas: The 5 Best Storage Ottomans That Money Can Buy

Storage Ottomans is usually found in either the living room or family rooms and has come in many varieties. They are typically used to store books or blankets for overnight guests. In the kitchen, a storage Ottoman could double up as a comfortable seating area to store long-messy laundry. In the bathroom, such a storage Ottoman would also double as a convenient seating area to keep dirty linen from flying all over the house.

Storage Ottomans come in many varieties. There are storage cabinets made of metal and plastic with or without drawers or storage cabinets that have only one or two drawers and are set on wheels. There are armored doors, side racks, and individual hanging rods. Since there are different brands of storage ottomans in the market, we would be looking at the 5 best ones; 

 West Elm’s Storage Base Ottoman

This type of storage ottoman has a circular body and a flat surface. The choice of color and style of material to use for the upholstery is up to you. Inside the available hollow space, you can store pillows, blankets, and other items. This is useful for people with small spaces. 

Many companies offer custom-made storage cabinets made out of just about anything imaginable. When most people think of storage ottomans, they tend to picture the standard wooden one, which can go great with just about any decor. However, this is not always the case. If you’re looking to expand the storage space in your home, this type of storage ottoman may just do the trick.

Foundstone Elle Square Storage Ottoman

Although the Foundstone Elle Square Storage Ottoman might occupy a lot of space, it also offers room for you to store more items. Its typical measurement is 36 by 36 and it is padded and comes with faux leather. The style of decor closely resembles that of the mid-century.

One of the great things about ottomans is that they can go along with your existing furniture, giving your entire home a neat and tidy appearance. If you have an oak dresser or a desk that has casters, your furniture can easily be flipped into a nice set of ottomans. 

Better Homes and Gardens Round Tufted Storage Ottoman

The Better Homes and Gardens Round Tufted Storage Ottoman has a design and gives the room a sophisticated vibe. The tufted surface makes it very comfortable to sit in. The body of the ottoman is tapered and it comes in various colors like gray and cream and more.  

Ottomans make a great addition to office furniture. Just remember not to overload them with your stuff. For those who are still looking for a way to get more out of their homes and offices, it is time to think about storage ottomans. They can offer plenty of benefits for any homeowner. Not only will they make your home look neater, but they can offer you some protection as well. 

Joybird’s Hughes Storage Ottoman 

Hughes is a big name in the furniture industry and this storage ottoman is carved and designed to look like a product from the brand as well. The legs are wooden and the material of the upholstery can be chosen by the buyer. 

You can go for materials like cotton or even sued. This particular ottoman is small in size so that means the available space for storage is also shallow. Nevertheless, you can store small materials like books in them.

  1. The Inside’s Skirted Storage Ottoman

The inside Skirted Storage Ottoman’s selling point is its vibrant pop of color that brightens up the room. There are numerous fabrics you can choose from for upholstery. The size depends on your space of course. 

Other Types of Ottomans That Are Great for Tiny Homes 

If you do not have a lot of room in your garage or basement for a storage unit, then the best option for you may be an outdoor storage Ottoman. Some of the newer ones come with wheels for easy mobility and portability. 

When you are planning your outdoor storage plan, make sure you know just how much space you will be able to utilize so you don’t buy one that is too large for your home.

Where Do You Keep Ottomans? 

The choice of area to keep your ottoman depends on the styling of your house, to say the least, ottomans are one household item that can go anywhere. From the corner of your sitting room to the side of your sofa, you can even use it as a dressing chair inside your bedroom. 

The shape of the ottoman can also help you decide where to keep them, for example, a round ottoman might not exactly fit in a square-shaped corner and vice versa. 


Once you start shopping around, you will probably discover just how many options are available on the market. There are styles, colors, and sizes to suit just about anyone’s storage needs. 

This makes shopping very convenient. All you have to do is bring your measurements to any home improvement store and let them do all the work. They will then show you the various options and hopefully help you make the right choice!

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