Three Other Features Of GoGoPDF That You Can Use For Free

Three Other Features Of GoGoPDF That You Can Use For Free

If you think GoGoPDF is only a converter tool for PDF files, then you are wrong. GoGoPDF has a lot of PDF features to offer other than converting PDF documents. This article shows you some three different features that GoGoPDF offers and how you can use it. If you are interested in learning these other features, then you better continue reading.

Rotate PDF

Tired of receiving PDF documents that were sideways or upside-down? With GoGoPDF rotate PDF feature, there is no need to shout at your colleague for sending you an upside-down PDF file. You can now rotate PDF files in less than a minute. The GoGoPDF rotate PDF feature has four simple steps to follow.

First, choose the PDF file you want to rotate from your computer; you can also drag and drop the file into the toolbox. Once your file has been uploaded, you can start rotating your PDF file, then save the changes made in your file. After that, you can now save your adjusted file to your computer or share it on your social media with the link provided.

The rotate PDF feature also has multiple rotation options. You can select the rotation angle for your file between clockwise or counterclockwise, 90 degrees, or 180 degrees. You can also get to rotate only a single page or multiple pages. Once you are done rotating the pages in your PDF document and the changes have been applied, it will be permanently rotated.

Delete Pages

Do you have unnecessary or blank pages in your PDF document? Do you want to delete it but do not know how? GoGoPDF has another feature that offers to delete pages in your PDF file. This feature is one of the useful tools in GoGoPDF follow their four easy instructions on deleting the pages you want to delete on your PDF file, and you are done.

All you have to do is upload your PDF document, which is where you want to delete some pages. Once the file has been uploaded, choose pages you want to remove, whether it’s a single or multiple pages, and then save the changes made in your document. Once the changes are applied, you can now download and save the edited file to your computer.

Protect PDF

Do you hate people snooping around your paperwork or files? GoGoPDF just got you the protection you need. With its Protect PDF feature, this will be a big help for you to prevent unauthorized access to your document by putting a password to your file. Just choose the PDF file from your computer that you want to put a password on.

Then, once the document has been uploaded, type in your password, but make sure it meets the password requirements, which is a capital letter, numbers, and special characters. Click the Encrypt PDF button once you’ve finished creating your file’s password. You can email the document to other people or copy and paste the link to your email.

When all of that is done, download and save your encrypted document to your device, you can also save it to your Google Drive or Dropbox. Put in mind that GoGoPDF only accepts the strong passwords provided by the users. This is to make sure that the file is securely protected.


GoGoPDF still has a lot of features to offer, and all of it is for free. Only four simple steps to follow makes it more efficient and time-saving. If you want to learn more about it, you can always pay a visit to their website and try it. We guarantee you that all your PDF questions and problems will be provided by GoGoPDF.

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