The Tradecraft covert operative

The Tradecraft covert operative


If you are visiting this page, obviously you are familiar with the tradecraft strategy of spies. It is part of series of spy strategies where the spies enter the location in the form of socialites. They attack and get their target. The covert operative is the part of tradecraft that is performed by hidden military or civilian agencies. It means that the operation looks different than its reality. It is designed in a way to deceive the target.

Trdcrft is designed based on tradecraft covert operative which performs all the functions of a covert operation. Trdcrft is based on the strategies and methodologies of Tradecraft by CIA, FBI, Mossad M I6, VDR, and US Armed forces.

The purpose

This program is designed for a purpose. The real purpose of this Trdcrft is to convert Tradecraft into a mental state which helps to improve everyday life and professionalism. You can check and experience the following programs:

  • Explore the latest and featured use of intel
  • Get the latest tradecraft products and equipment
  • Find the scavenger hunt
  • Familiarize yourself with the latest gear and intel

This covert operative program enables you to learn:

  • Disruption before execution in Combat
  • Improvised Weaponology theory
  • Crucial hand to hand combat movement
  • Predicting imminent attacks by interpreting body language

The skill set

Tradecraft is composed of a skill set and one should be able to learn all these before entering into covert operative:

  • The Passive scanning method
  • Urban survival vs wilderness survival
  • Street-level Haggling Technique
  • How to be street smart

You will get the introduction of a lot of gear and can handle the covert operative programs if you try to learn tradecraft strategies in real. A lot of things are waiting for you to learn.

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