The most popular myths about programmers

The most popular myths about programmers

The developer is a young profession, which, moreover, is developing rapidly. And people continue to believe in long-outdated myths, which we will now talk about.

At the beginning of the second half of the last century, there were very few programmers. Now there are over 23 million of them, and this number is constantly growing. Naturally, such a popular and relatively young profession has acquired a lot of myths. You can find a lot of interesting information about technologies at to know more about IT, development, etc. For those who are far from the IT world, the word “programmer” is shrouded in colorful, but often outdated associations. Such people share with each other unverified or no longer relevant information, which leads to myths about developers.

The article will be useful to those who think whether it is worth devoting themselves to this profession.

Myth number 1. Every programmer knows how to do everything

Many people think that everything is simple in IT: you can write code – it means that you are able to implement any program. Of course, this is a delusion. Only at first, there weren’t many developers and they had the same skills. This is logical since the opportunities in the industry have not yet been diverse. Things are different now. There are more programming languages. The old ones leave, new, more perfect ones come in their place. And developers specialize in a certain area and work with different sets of tools.

Myth number 2. This is a male profession

Of course, there are professions that are more suitable for either men or women. And even in spite of equal rights, some types of activities are not equally popular among representatives of different genders. In addition, traditions and stereotypes have an impact. But now there are quite a few women among the developers. And as IT evolves, the number is growing rapidly.

Myth number 3. All programmers are out of this world

Immersion in your inner world is a character trait. And sometimes this is combined with a strong passion for their work. In this case, people often think about business even in their free time and seem to fall out of reality. In this state, they may well miss a funny anecdote that you tell them, or ignore the request. Because of this, they sometimes seem strange to others. And this is how people often see programmers. But in fact, in IT, as elsewhere, there are all sorts of different characters. And extreme enthusiasm and workaholism are not attached to the diploma.

Myth number 4. Everyone is capable of becoming a developer

It is difficult to master a profession. Learning programming languages ​​and using them skillfully requires a special mindset, patience, ingenuity, and the ability not to succumb to difficulties. And to build a successful career, you need even more, because very high demands are placed on programmers. Nobody will pay for poor-quality work. Plus, the IT sector is developing extremely quickly, which means that programmers need to constantly develop, learn new things, improve their skills and expand the tools they use. So, development is definitely not for everyone.

Myth number 5. The salary of programmers is estimated at millions

If someone is lucky enough to receive such a salary, it is exactly one in a million. And most of newcomers after an internship are paid about $700 per month. The labor of more experienced professionals, of course, is more expensive. A great influence on the well-being of the developer is his ability to negotiate. But, be that as it may, the millionth salary is just one of the myths.

Thus, a programmer is a common profession, like most others. To enter it, you need to have certain abilities, and not just be a “boy.” And good developers really earn decent money. Therefore, if you feel the desire and strength, feel free to start learning. Pay no attention to myths – do not let any delusions stop you!

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