The Meaning Behind The Colors Of Every Quinceanera Dresses

The Meaning Behind The Colors Of Every Quinceanera Dresses

Celebrating your quinceanera marks your transition from childhood to adulthood. This celebration is indeed one of the most awaited events of every teenager. Part of the preparation that comes with this is the quince dress that you will be wearing. 

Of course, whatever you wear reflects greatly on who you are and your personality. To express yourself more and add a little spice to your quince look, you can choose a color for the dress that you want to wear.

There are different meanings that each color of quinceanera dresses symbolizes. When you wear a certain color, it represents you as a whole. Aside from representation, the color of your dress also influences the mood and emotions of your guests. 

Choosing the perfect color for your dress can be quite overwhelming. Don’t fret, my dear! There are a wide array of quinceanera dresses in NJ that you can choose from. If you are looking for a variety of styles and colors for your quince dress, you can also browse through a prom store in NJ and bridal stores in NJ. But before that, let us get to know first the meaning behind the colors of every quinceañera dress.

The Traditional And Classic All White

If you stick to the traditional quince dress color, white is the option. White symbolizes purity and innocence – a good way to represent a teenage girl who is transitioning to adulthood. With the transition, white also represents new beginnings which are perfect for this kind of celebration. 

Moreover, most white quince dresses look like a wedding dress but without a train of fabric or a veil. Our bridal boutique in central NJ offers several white dresses that you can wear as a quince dress on your special day.

The Sophisticated Black

Yes, you read it right! It might not be common but you can also choose black color for your quinceañera dress. Black symbolizes power, authority, strength, security, elegance, and sophistication. A great way to express how you will handle yourself and view things in your adulthood. 

The Princess Pink

Who wouldn’t want to feel like a princess on your special day? Pink is always the go-to alternative color for a quince dress. It symbolizes femininity and all girly things. This color will help you channel your inner princess personality on your quince. 

Girls who love pink are said to be high maintenance just like a princess. Besides, this color also means love and compassion which will help in showing your romantic, gentle, sweet side and fondness for fairytales.

The Fiery Red

A color that would surely turn the heads of your guests is the color red. This color is said to symbolize boldness and confidence. Red is also the best representation of your strength and fiery passion for the things that you like. Girls who wear red are said to be feisty, daring, and outgoing. Flaunt your red quince dress with conviction on your birthday.

The Bubbly Yellow

If you are a bubbly and cheerful person, then a yellow quince dress is the best for you. Wearing this kind of color, you will surely radiate happiness throughout your night. Yellow is said to represent optimism, sunlight, and laughter. This color also attracts intelligence and inspiration. Smile and bounce lively with your yellow quince dress.

The Royal Blue

Everyone’s favorite choice of quince dress color is blue. This color exudes calmness and cleanliness. Similar to the blue sky and the vast ocean, whenever you see someone wearing blue-colored clothing, you’ll feel peaceful. Blue is also said to represent intelligence, loyalty, and positivity. 

The Eco Green

Another color that symbolizes calmness and peace is green. If you choose this color, you are said to be charismatic and generous. This color also means growth and independence which is a good way to complement the purpose of your quinceanera. 

The Ardent Orange

This may be a very unique color but there are still a lot of teenage girls who choose orange as the color of their quince dress. Orange is associated with enthusiasm, creativity, and positivity. Girls who wear this color are said to be ambitious and are good at socializing with other people. Wearing this color reflects your future – a life surrounded by people that are dear to your heart.

Picking a color for your quince dress can be quite challenging. You have to be careful because each color symbolizes something. Whatever color and style you wear for your Quinceañera represents who you are and how you want to be perceived by the people around you. On a brighter note, you can always use the guide above to help in deciding what color to pick for your quince dress. 

You can stick with the traditional color or go bold or choose a unique one. What matters most is what you think is best and you feel comfortable when wearing. Celebrate and enjoy the night of festivities while wearing the quinceañera dress of your dreams. 

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