The clean cone: how to clean your bong like a pro

The clean cone: how to clean your bong like a pro

Anyone who has gone without cleaning their bong for a while will know one thing: they can get pretty dirty. A bong left without cleaning accumulates a fair bit of debris in its chambers, and this means you should really give it the occasional clean so that you’re not inhaling old residue, bong water etc.

Regardless of whether you’ve picked up one of the best bongs for sale Australia has to offer, you still need to clean said bong so that you’re not doing yourself a disservice.

Here is how and why you should clean your bewg:

Why you should definitely clean your bong

A clean bong makes for a much better smoke. Not only does your herb taste far better through a clean bong, but it also helps prevent dirty bong-related respiratory infections. When a bong is left uncleaned for too long and the water gets dirtier there is a heightened risk of bacteria and germs spreading through the water which can cause illness.

For these two reasons it is clear to see why you should keep that cone clean!

When do I know it’s time to clean my bong?

As someone who has probably used their bong a fair bit, there is a chance you already know the answer to this question, but here goes anyway: your bong should be cleaned when the water is dirty, when there is residue in the chamber or when there is a large buildup of residue on the bong’s glass walls.

Now, how to clean your bong

Thankfully, cleaning a bong isn’t the most difficult endeavour you’ll undertake, especially when you consider the positives of a better tasting, safer smoke that comes with it.

Here are some of the ways you can clean your bong:

Lemon juice

Lemon juice can actually be used as a trusty preventative bong-cleaning method. If you add a few drops of lemon water to your bong water it will help keep resin from forming on the glass, meaning you might not even have to clean your bong as much as usual!

With alcohol & salt

Alcohol and salt is the oldest trick in the bong cleaning book. It will leave your bong looking clean, clear and ready to roll. You want to use at least 91% isopropyl alcohol but avoid rubbing alcohol as that is very, very potent. Also, you want to use rock salt that will work to scrub the residue off the glass.

To clean the bong, all you have to do is pour the alcohol and salt into the bong, give it a bit of a shake and then rinse the bong with some water a few times. If you like, you can even give the inside of the bong a little toothbrush scrubbing to ensure all that unwanted residue comes off the glass.

Cleaning solutions

Of course, you can skip the old school methods and go for a modern, advanced bong cleaning solution, one that will clean your bong without any hassles whatsoever.

Bong cleaning solutions are designed for that exact purpose – cleaning your bong before vaping. Therefore, you can trust that they will get into those hard to reach places, clean out your bong and have it ready to go for your next sesh – simple!

You can find these solutions online and they typically only require you to pour them in and give them a shake like you would with alcohol and salt.

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