The Best wineries in nj  around the world

The Best wineries in nj around the world

If you’re a wine drinker or someone who’s intrigued by beautiful landscapes then traveling and visiting a beautiful vineyard is definitely for you! When you think of wineries in nj around the world, by no surprise, I am guessing that you probably think about Napa Valley, or France, but have you considered some of these hidden gems located around the globe?

Let one of these wineries be the inspiration for your next adventure!

Castello di Amorosa

If you’re looking for a winery to give you a great first impression, then you’ve definitely hit the jackpot!

Situated in Napa Valley, this Tuscan castle this is one of the most popular and unique wineries in the region. Castello di Amorosa is unlike any other vineyard in the world and speaks for itself with its authentically styled castle that looks like it was from the13th century. They offer tours, wine parings and of course wine tasting.

Castello di Amorosa offers some of the best hand-crafted wines, and not only this but the selection of wines will really keep you reminiscing of the beautiful area.

They are famous for their amazing exquisite events. In the fall they have a tour of the region where visitors get to explore the towns, hills and countryside of Tuscany and Umbria.

Another epic happening is their Harvest Celebration which features the largest grape stomping competition in the country. So, if you’re looking to go on a wine tasting tour with beautiful scenic views, this winery is surely for you!

Château Mouton Rothschild (Bordeaux, France.)

If by chance you are visiting France, you should visit the gorgeous wine estate of Chateau Mouton Rothschild. The winery is in the village of Pauillac in the Médoc region.

It would be hard to not include this on any list of the best wineries around the world. Chateau Mouton Rothschild offers you the chance to truly experience some of the best wines,

Baron Nathaniel de Rothschildhad a vision to serve his own wines, so he bought the Chateau Brane-Mouton at auction and the vision began.Trust us, the wine isn’t just the only reason you should go to visit Chateau Mouton Rothschild, you should go to visit the entire region and relish in the absolute extraordinary views!

Chard Farm

No list would be complete without mentioning one of New Zealand’s most famous wineries.

This winery stands apart from other wineries in nj within its region because of its unbelievable beautiful scenery. Chard Farm is a family run-business, and when they say “made with love” they truly mean it.

Chard Farms winery puts all their hard work and attention into each bottle of wine, channeling the best of the region into every single drop.

If you find yourself in New Zealand, you should definitely consider visiting Chard farm and experience the beauty for yourself.

Marques de Riscal.

Located at the heart of Spain, Marques de Riscal is one of the oldest wineries within its region. Being one of the most visited around the world not just for its wine, but also for it’s beautiful hotel – Marques de Riscal hotel.

Owning 540 hectares of vineyard, whilst producing over six million bottles of wine every year this beautiful winery really does speak for itself.


Located in Surrey, Denbies winery has over 265 acres of vineyards which offer many of different beautiful paths to explore.

Renault Winery

One of the oldest operating wineries in the whole of the United States, located within New jersey! This spectacular winery really does offer the best experience, giving you a chance to really indulge in the best parts of wine tasting and exploring.

Not only does this winery offer you the full experience, you will also get a taste of history with Renault winery operating for almost 156 years! What makes Renault winery so unique is that it’s actually the only winery in the United States that produces blueberry champagne, So if you’re looking to try something completely new next time you find yourself in New Jersey why don’t you add this to your list of things to do? You can learn more about Renault Winery as well as all of the wineries in NJ here.

Breaux Loudoun.

Dedicating hours every day to handpick and craft the perfect wine, Breaux winery really does put their heart and soul into each bottle.

Not only this, but Breaux has won numerous awards, giving it the well-renowned title of being Virginia’s best winery! Breaux Loudoun offers a unique spin on their wine “you really do have to go to Virginia to taste Virginia wine.”

So, the next time you find yourself in Virginia why don’t you take a look to see what this family-owned 404 acres of land have to offer?

A Brief History of Wines

Now that you know about seven of the most popular wineries in the world, why don’t we backtrack and talk a little bit about the history of wine making and where it all began?

Wine as we know it today hasn’t always been the way we might think it was.

Since, wine is so popular now it comes as no surprise that it was actually really popular when it was first discovered in 8000 B.C. – 4100 B.C.

So now you know just a few of the best wineries in nj around the world, which one do you want to visit?

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