Teaching children to respect tutors

Teaching children to respect tutors

You might have enrolled your hyperactive bundle of joy into various fun activities online for learning new skills, making friends and building hobbies. However, remember that it is teachers that make all these fun activities for kids interesting, whether it is Yellow Class or anywhere else. Along with hobby and online classes, children have to attend virtual or physical classes with tutors at school and even for other activities or interests. It is vital to teach your child to respect his/her tutors above all else. This is a valuable life lesson that you should teach your child and emphasize upon at the outset. It will go a long way towards helping your child blossom into a fine individual with complete awareness and understanding of respect and why it is needed in several spheres of life. Parents do it all the time. Teachers do it, too. Try these five lessons to help you weave the theme of respect into your curriculum and classroom routine.

Here are some tips that you can follow for helping your child understand the value of respecting his/her teachers above everything else: 

  • Set the best possible example for your child- You are the first and longest teacher for your kid. Your child will need your support and assistance at every step, including learning how to respect his/her tutors and others. It is vital that you keep in mind the fact that children will imitate and then learn from what you do yourself instead of what you are saying. Encourage them to respect teachers by respecting tutors yourself in all your conversations with them. Avoid conversations that criticize teachers and always look for more positive solutions for any challenges that may crop up. Teach your child that respecting his/her teacher is non-negotiable. 
  • Remember that teachers are also human- Teachers are not super humans at the end of the day. They have big responsibilities and duties towards helping children become better people in the future. Teachers can often make mistakes. Disrespectful comments and other criticism may be a double-edged sword while setting an example for your kid. Open communication with teachers is always the best way to address your needs and achieve the desired learning outcomes too. 
  •  Teach children the value of taking responsibility for their behavior- Every choice made by us will define the path taken by our lives eventually. Negative behavior is mostly based upon low confidence, self-esteem, fear and low self-worth. You should teach children to take responsibility for their behavior and actions while owning up for their own mistakes without blaming tutors and friends for the same. Teach your child not to take out frustration on teachers since this will only compound their problems. Children should acknowledge that problems may arise at any step of the journey. They should rather focus on owning up for their actions and behavior instead. 
  • Teach your child to avoid abusive behavioral patterns- Teach your children that abusive behavior and disrespect will only reflect badly on them and their upbringing and not their tutor. Teach children that disrespecting or bad mouthing teachers will only indicate their own lack of manners and intelligence. Negative choices in terms of behavior always reflect upon the person behaving so and not the recipient. Teach children that such behavior will not draw admiration from his/her peers. 

These are some tips that will help you teach your children to suitably respect tutors. 

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