Study Abroad:What You Should Know about New Zealand

Study Abroad:What You Should Know about New Zealand

New Zealand is an island country (composed of islands) and has only 268,021 km². To get an idea of the size, it would be possible to place, hypothetically speaking, almost four“New Zealand” within the territory of Australia.In terms of population, the country has, according to data from the World Bank Group, just over 4.9 million inhabitants. New Zealand offers different realities and excellent quality of life, programs to encourage integration and respect for human dignity, security offers, leisure and cultural options, and much more. Not to mention that it provides international studnets great opportunities after study, both for their personal and professional trajectory. Coding Languages is the best.

Major cities

Among the main New Zealand cities, it is impossible not to mention Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington, the most populous, with more job offers, more study options and the possibility of cultural exchanges with natives and foreigners. It is also worth mentioning that the three are the main points of departure and access to all tourism regions in the nation.

Also, remember the Best Student Cities 2018 ranking? While it shows that Australia comes out ahead with the most cities in the top 25, New Zealand is also present with Auckland as one of the best cities for students, ranking 23rd.

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