Starter Chicken Feed: Everything You Need To Know

Starter Chicken Feed: Everything You Need To Know

Chicken development and growth are very similar to the development and growth process of human beings. At every stage, chickens are required to be fed different nutritional formulations so that they get all the vital nutrients in their diet to have healthy growth. So, poultry nutritionists at Grubbly farms have carefully formulated Starter Chicken Feed to ensure that commercial chickens are consuming nutrition that will help them to gain a healthy weight so that every chicken meets all the standard commercial requirements. If you are involved in the poultry business, here is everything you need to know about Starter Chicken Feed.

Why do commercial chickens have to be fed calculated and well-balanced food?

Newly hatched chicks require attention and care for up to 20 weeks because they are very delicate and weak. Poultry nutritionists suggest that chicks aged up to 20 weeks from hatching are required to feed Starter Chicken Feed which has a protein content of 10-20%. The ration packs for chicks are formulated to provide just the right amount of nutrition and nourishment so that the chicks are having healthy growth.

Although, if you have other birds such as turkey, pheasant, and quail they will require a higher protein content of around 22-24%. If you have a poultry farm consisting of just egg-laying chickens then you wouldn’t have to feed your chicken a high content of protein but poultry farmers rearing broiler chickens or chickens for commercial meat are fed a food consisting of higher protein content.

Starter Feed for Chicken

Starter feed is primarily nutritional food created for day-old chicks for up to 20 weeks and mainly consists of starter crumbles. Most starter feed ration packs contain a protein content of up to 20%. 20% protein is the highest protein content that a chicken will ever consume throughout its growth since the first few months after its birth requires every chick to have a steady yet swift growth.

Types of starter chicken feed 

There are two main types of starter chicken feed available for commercial poultry farming, medicated and non-medicated. Medicated starter feed for chickens contains an organic compound called amprolium which prevents chicks from developing the deadly disease called coccidiosis. Coccidiosis is a very fatal intestinal disease for chickens that generally spread through chicken faeces among chicks. 

But if you have already vaccinated your chicks with the coccidiosis vaccine, then you should not feed your chickens medicated starter feed ration packs, instead should opt for the non-medicated ones so that you do not compel the vaccine to become useless and will make your chicks prone to coccidiosis. As a poultry farm owner, you can prevent this by having complete knowledge about all the vaccines that the chicks have received if you are investing in vaccinated chicks.

In case you are having a tough time finding a non-medicated Starter Chicken Feed that contains just the right amount of protein then you can try out the starter feed for chicken by Grubbly Farms.

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