Starburst Free Play in Demo Mode (Game Review)

Starburst Free Play in Demo Mode (Game Review)

Description: The Starburst slot game is one of the most popular arcade bangers on the casino block. It’s beloved by many seasoned players, and that is for good reason. The game is packed with delightful features, fast-paced gameplay, and awesome graphics. The colors burst off of the screen, making for a memorable experience you won’t want to stop.

If arcade games are up your alley, the free Starburst slot game may just become your new favorite title. Designed by NetEnt, the game sits in the ranks of a successful overall line-up. Starburst boasts classic 2D graphics, which are simple but effective to convey the authentic feel of what makes a slot machine game great. It is straightforward, filled with eye-popping graphics, and action-filled gameplay that makes for some lovely laid-back entertainment. In the full version you play to win cash, but you do not necessarily have to game with real money.

You can play Starburst with free spins, and no deposit. The game is available on all devices – you can game on your computer, as well as on mobile. The starburst demo is free to enjoy for anyone willing to try. Make sure that you give it a go, chances are you will keep on spinning for a good while. The ease of play, coupled with the fun interface makes for the perfect go-to game when you just want to kick back and delve into some feel-good action. Let us take you through the features of Starburst slot machine in freeplay mode.


The layout of Starburst is reminiscent of typical slot machines you will find in casinos around the world. There is a 5×3 main layout with a total of ten pay lines that work both ways – left to right and vice versa. All of the action takes place in the five reels, across three vertical rows. There are twenty possible winning combinations to match up the various slot symbols. It counts as a winning combo when you have at least three symbols matched.

If you are super lucky, you can match up to a maximum of five symbols in one single spin. The gameplay is as straightforward as it gets as there is only one button to trigger the spinning action. Upon pressing it, you watch the slots start rolling and hope for the best. However, do not mistake the simplicity to be boring. The fact that the game is so approachable right from the start is a big part of the appeal.

Free Demo

As mentioned, in the demo version you do not have to play Starburst with real money. You can do so further down the line if you wish. However, you can play Starburst slot with no deposit whatsoever.

Instead, you can set up the game to display a coin value you choose. After all, the game is about the thrill of spinning the slot machine to get a winning combination. That is what counts. Just getting the colors to pop is fun, and the animations make it all the more exciting. However, it must be said that the demo is a great ground for practicing to eventually get involved with real money if that is something you enjoy.

The Symbols

The symbols of Starburst slot are the main attractors of the game. There is a concise, yet excellently formed collection to excite players. The gold bar is the most prized symbol of all. After that, you have the lucky number seven symbol embellished with a planetary outer ring. The extra details keep in line with the overall space theme of the game. Below these two most prize symbols there are five colored gem symbols: yellow, green, orange, blue, and purple.

They are the most common in the rows, so you won’t have to fear missing out on the rush of getting successful combos rarely. The star of the show is the wild symbol. It only appears on reel numbers 2, 3, and 4. When it appears, it will substitute for any other symbol in order to complete any given row of your winning combo. Wild symbols also give you the chance for an extra free re-spin. Up to three re-spins are possible.

Graphics and Animations

The NetEnt game design studios are known to make their games flashy and visually captivating. Starburst is surely a case in point. The color schemes of the game are bold and bright. They certainly put you in that feel-good world of arcade classics. The winning animations are also something to behold. Whenever you hit a combo, the screen pops with fantastic colors to indicate your success. The style of the game is simple, yet it manages to evoke heaps of excitement. That is largely due to the great graphic design work of NetEnt.


Not only are the visuals of the game stunning, but the soundtrack is also up to par. It is in line with the celestial theme of Starbust. The background audio is light, ethereal, and provides a cosmically inspired mood to it all. Whenever you win big, electrifying soundscapes will alert you to it, thus highlighting a fun contrast that is always prevalent in the game. It serves to kickstart the adrenaline rush that is a big part of getting great symbol combos.


All in all, the game is a fantastic experience for anyone who loves arcade titles. It is quick-paced, simple, and emotionally rewarding. The simplicity of it is what makes the spinning so appealing. It lets you forget your daily endeavors, helps to zone out and enjoy the barrage of happy colors that come flying your way.

Visually it holds up great, and the soundtrack elevates everything to a tranquil, yet exciting experience. Make sure to take avail of your Starbust slot free spins and give the game a go yourself. We would also love to know what you think of Starbust mobile. Do you enjoy the phone version or do you prefer the PC game? What are your all-time high scores? Please leave your comments in the section below!

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