Simple and Easy Ways to Get More Views on your Videos

Simple and Easy Ways to Get More Views on your Videos

The type of content consumed by the audience has a significant impact on the kind of strategy used by the firms on the digital platform. If the audience is flocking towards visuals, you can never rely on only text-based content on the digital platform. 

Currently, videos are the most consumed type of content on the digital platform. If you go by the percentage, then videos dominate the content platform with almost 55 percent share, and you will be surprised to know that people 18 to 34 consume nearly 105 minutes of videos every week. 

But such statistics are available for everyone, and therefore, almost all the firms are coming up with new ways to target the audience through videos. This is one of the main reasons why getting views on your video is not that easy. The audience has a long list of options, and the attention span is getting shorter over time.

With so much video competition on the digital platform, there is no room for error, and you have to be highly precise with your strategy. To make things easier for you, we have come up with a few tips that you can use for getting more views on videos. 

Focus on compelling content 

When you upload your content, you have to focus on making it enticing because none of the hacks available on the internet will work if your videos aren’t compelling. One of the best ways to create effective content is to make How-to videos. 

For this, you have to find what your ideal customer wants to know, and then based on their needs; you can create informative videos that will solve their problem. Many video-based content creators have successfully got millions of views on their videos by creating How-to videos, and you can do the same

When you create such videos, people usually think that you can read their minds, and this is how they feel more connected with your channel. This is one of the main reasons why How-to videos work like a magic wand to get views. 

Motivate viewers to subscribe 

You must have heard the saying that your best new customers are the old customers. Well, retaining customers is one of the most effective ways to fuel your business’s growth, and the same rule can be applied to your videos as well. 

It doesn’t matter how enticing your videos are or how unique your videos are; if you will not have a long list of subscribers, then there is no way you can get more views on your videos. The longer the list of subscribers you have, the easier it will be to get views on your videos when you upload your content. 

But how do you encourage people to subscribe to your channel? The best way to make people subscribe to your channel is to ask them to subscribe at the beginning and end of your video. But don’t just ask them to subscribe, as you must ensure that you prompt them to hit the bell icon after subscribing. 

Never ignore the power of the playlist. 

According to a study, it has been found that most successful brand channels promote twice as many playlists as the bottom brands. This shows the importance of creating a playlist on your channel and promoting those playlists to get more views. 

Playlists have been acting as a powerful tool for many brands because of the feature of auto-play. Similar videos keep playing on the digital platform, increasing the number of minutes a person spends watching videos. 

But to harness the power of auto-play, you must have an adequately categorized playlist. Even if you have only ten videos on your channel, you should categorize them in different playlists. This will also help increase the number of views when you upload your content on video streaming websites. 

Use watermarks on your videos. 

If you are interested in getting more views on your videos, then you should start using watermarks. With watermarks, you can increase the number of subscribers, and in addition to this, you get free views since it allows you to promote your videos on all your other videos. 

A watermark is simply an image that can be used on other videos in the form of a suggestion. Such watermarks appear at the end of every video, and if the viewer is interested, he will click on the watermark to see the following video on your channel. 

You can do many things to get more views on your channel, but you must choose the right video streaming platform and make compelling content to begin on the right foot. With more views, you can use videos as the most powerful form of content for transforming your marketing efforts.

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