Signal Obstruction and Interference Sources Affecting Your TV Reception

Signal Obstruction and Interference Sources Affecting Your TV Reception

According to recent statistics, private dwellings in Sydney are expected to grow from 110,138 to 171,146 in 2041. The city has always been one of the most liveable places because of a strong economic standing and social support.

Almost every family in the city owns a television screen connected via a digital signal or a traditional cable connection. At some point, you will experience having reception problems caused by a natural problem or a technical difficulty.

When ghost images from another channel appear over what you are watching or a channel, it becomes pixelated. There are also instances when you hear a local radio station playing through the speakers. When you have a TV antenna installation in Sydney, it is always essential to have it done by professionals.

Improper Antenna Installation Can Cause a Major Signal Problem

An inadequate antenna installation often causes a major reception problem, possibly because of cabling and master-head amplifier connection issues. It is one of the critical reasons you need to hire a professional cabling and TV antenna installer.

Additionally, there are also instances when small animals like possums and rats cause problems with your TV antenna signal. When such an instance happens, you will typically hear scratching or rustling noises on the TV.

If your television is not picking up signals because of an improper installation, you might want to call the installer back and have it fixed. Loose cable fittings or antenna corrosion all lead to weakened signal strength, requiring a professional’s help.

Surrounding Trees Getting in Contact with Cables

If you live in an area surrounded by trees, it is always helpful to occasionally trim down branches. A wooded area and a house surrounded by trees could be the cause of poor TV reception.

This problem is also often aggravated during the winter when there is increased foliage movement because of strong winds. Trimming overhanging trees from the adjacent lot and removing stumps that affect your reception is one permanent solution to signal problems when having a TV antenna installation in Sydney.

You can call a tree lopping expert who can remove signal interfering branches without cleaning the mess. Once interfering branches are removed, you have the TV signals restored, so you get quality pictures on your screen.

Mobile Phone Towers Also Cause Signal Interference

Although mobile phone towers boost your smartphone signals, they do the opposite for TV wavelengths. Believe it or not, mobile phone towers affect television signals because they emit frequencies that often intercept TV signals.

Cellular phones broadcast at 700-800MHz, which is in the middle of the television’s broadcasting spectrum. Although this type of problem won’t cause much issue if your house is far from the cell site, it will work for some very close houses to the cellular tower.

If your house is near a large mobile phone tower and does not get the needed boost in your antenna signal, you can ask professionals for help. In most cases, these experts can find the right solution to your problems, including finding alternative connections or enhancing signal reception for your TV antenna.

Getting the local antenna specialist’s help will allow you to receive the best signals for your equipment. Your location, any possible interference, and any issue that might arise during the installation will be remedied more quickly and adequately.

Weak Signal

If you live a far away from your Transmitter, or you are in a location impacted by Hills, Trees or Huge Buildings, your signal might be weak. If this is the case, by relocating your Antenna, or mounting an Amplifier, your signal may be raised.


The sort of Coax cable used is really vital in maintaining an excellent tidy Digital TV signal. Older Coax Cable utilized for Analogue TELEVISION does not have the screening high quality of new Digital wires. Likewise, the size maybe smaller sized. Screening of older cord will certainly enable electric disturbance to induce right into the cord as well as corrupt the Digital TELEVISION signal. All TV Coax cable should be well clear of any kind of Electrical Wires to prevent this concern. Also, older cabling can cause a decrease in signal strength as a result of its dimension. This will certainly cause loss of signal to your TV and cause break up. The other problem is the longer the cable television run, the more the losses, so if you have a future of cord, this will likewise trigger problems.

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