Should You Keep Your Day Job if You Want to Open a New Company in Indonesia?

Should You Keep Your Day Job if You Want to Open a New Company in Indonesia?

Many people in Indonesia value their jobs right now, especially since many others have unfortunately lost their jobs already. The culprit behind this bloodletting is the covid-19 pandemic. However, there are some people for whom becoming an Indonesia entrepreneur seems to be the logical next step in their career. These kinds of people may benefit much from incorporation services Indonesia.

Should You Quit Your Day Job?

If you do plan to become an entrepreneur, you should keep your day job as well. This simply means your day job will feed you while the new company has not yet been registered. It does take some planning to be able to put up your new company, flawlessly. So, don’t give up your day job yet. But yes, pursue new company registration as well so that you have something positive to look forward to.

Some day jobs can be quite demanding, though. For instance, if you are part of the maintenance team of a supermarket that can be quite hard on the body. At times, you may also wish that you didn’t have to put up a new company since you have a finite paycheck only. Your boss in your day job might be quite strict about the rules at work which can add to your stress. Don’t give up on your plans though – you need to persevere.

Should You Switch Day Jobs While Becoming an Entrepreneur?

It’s interesting that some might be considering changing jobs mid-way through their career. If this sounds like you, it is best to analyse why you want to switch day jobs. Yes, you still want to put up the new company, but your current day job may make that impossible. For example, if you are working as a security guard in a bank, that means being tied to fixed work hours. You probably won’t be allowed to take time off just to pursue company registration.

If that sounds like you, you’re in luck. You may reach out to 3E Accounting Indonesia and ask us about our business setup services. We have many other Indonesia business services that you can avail of as well. We will assist you in setting up your new company.

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