Scrumptious combos: five fabulous Pinot Noir pairings

Scrumptious combos: five fabulous Pinot Noir pairings

The old school notion of Pinot Noir pairing perfectly with dunk or mushrooms might ring true, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up and get down with some different delicious combinations.

The Burgundy beauty is a wonderfully versatile variety that will match perfectly with a wide host of foods. You can be sure that this classic drop – especially in New World varieties like Farrside by Farr Pinot Noir – will enhance anything from cheese to seafood (yes, really!) and a classic backyard barbie.

So, without hanging around for too long, let’s introduce you to some fabulous partnerings to enjoy with an earthy Aussie drop, the likes of which goes far beyond that classic duck or mushy combo:

  1. Cheese & charcuterie

Cheeses, despite regularly being paired with sweet or light whites, can actually go delightfully with this delicious red. There are numerous cheese varieties that work well with red, especially those with earthy, herbal or mushroom flavours that pair perfectly with the Burgundy variety.

What’s more, charcuterie and cured meats are simply divine as the tannin cuts through the fatty parts and perfects the combination. Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with a little terrine or paté – you won’t be disappointed…

  1. Fish & seafood

What’s that, you didn’t think red could be served with seafood? Think again, especially when it comes to enjoying this fine variety with the fruits of the sea. Maybe don’t go for oysters, as these are a little delicate, but a great combination can be anything from lobster through to prawns and scallops – the latter two being Aussie celebration classics.

Even fish goes superbly with the Burgundy goodness, with flaky fish like trout being simply delectable. Smoked fish and salmon are also a true winner…

  1. A barbie

The beautiful cherry characteristics of this classic Aussie drink are a match made in backyard heaven, especially when you consider you can mix it with pretty much any barbecued meat you can get going on a balmy granny or Christmas Day.

Anything from skewers to steaks, lamb to prawns are a gem to pair with Farrside by Farr Pinot Noir – or any variety really – you won’t want to veer too far from the cooking spot.

  1. Veggies

Veggies are historically tricky to pair with red, but there are numerous flavours that can blend quite well with this particular variety. One of the most surprisingly delicious combinations is the variety with chargrilled veggies (think caramelised brussel sprouts or asparagus, and even stir-fried veggies in soy sauce can present a winning combo.

  1. Lamb

Lamb was a traditional winner with other varieties like Malbec or Syrah. However, this doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed with a nice medium-bodied Pinot Noir, which goes delightfully with a fabulous rack of lamb dusted in fresh herbs. What’s more, Pinot Noir blends scrumptiously with a classic souvlaki as well as herby lamb sausages, owing again to its ability to seamlessly find itself at a backyard barbecue…

There it is, some of the ultimate food combinations to go with, what is, one of Australia’s best adopted wine varieties. We love the stuff Down Under, and why not? After all, it goes so well with so many foods we love to eat here (I mean, barbecue, prawns, scallops, souvlakis?!).
For this reason it’s easy to see why it’s one of our most purchased varieties, whether from the shop, at the wine bar, at the pub or beyond – it’s a great drop better enjoyed with delicious food…

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